Systems to Pass PC Games to a Unusual Drive: Steam, Origin, Windows Store, Legend Games, Fight.glean & GOG


A licensed reason to transfer your sport install recordsdata is that it’s likely you’ll have gotten added a fresh quicker or increased power to your arrangement, and redownloading is impractical in case that it’s likely you’ll well well simply transfer the recordsdata and reconfigure the game launcher with acknowledged web page.

While you’re fresh to playing games from just a few storage devices, there generally is barely of a learning curve associated with having just a few libraries unfold about. Some platforms admire Steam protect your hand and produce it easy to transfer your games alongside, whereas some others feel more admire they’d favor to slap you for even pondering of engaging your sport recordsdata.

There’s a efficiency consideration in case that it’s likely you’ll well well successfully be engaging from an SSD to an HDD or vice versa. The slower spinning disk will amplify games’ loading occasions as now we have observed within the past, even supposing that rarely ever has any main implications in staunch gameplay where GPU and CPU are more prevalent. The exception to which will be games where it’s likely you’ll have gotten to fight thru loading shows generally.

In this text we’re defending most main PC gaming platforms: Steam, Origin, the Windows Store, Legend Games Store, Blizzard’s Fight.glean, GOG and Insurrection Games. Browse the article index and take your platform of different and notice the steps as listed and transfer your games with ease. Optimistically it’ll dangle you from flying accurate into a rage admire I did whereas attempting to determine the steps for this manual.


Steam makes it comparatively painless to transfer your games by including just a few Steam libraries, so that it’s likely you’ll configure just a few web page where your games are saved.

In Steam’s main menu, take Steam > Settings. On the sidebar, ride to “Downloads” > “Steam Library Folders” > “Add Library Folder.” Make a choice the skill where it’s likely you’ll like to accommodate the games engaging ahead. That it’s likely you’ll well well presumably factual-click on the fresh library and take “Make default folder.”

For this manual, we’re the exercise of the E: power. Hit “Unusual Folder,” and expend a title for the fresh library. I’m very creative, so I’ve long past with “SteamLibrary.”

Now that it’s likely you’ll have gotten a library on the fresh power, it’s likely you’ll repeat Steam to transfer present games to the fresh web page.

Correct-click on the game it’s likely you’ll like to transfer, expend “Properties.”

Make a choice the “Native Files” tab from the sidebar, then the likelihood “Pass install folder…”

Make a choice the library it’s likely you’ll like to transfer the game to, then click “Pass Folder.”

Whenever you’ve done that, you’ll peek a loading bar as the game is moved, when it’s engaging to play again, actual open it as licensed from Steam.

Pass A few Steam Games at As soon as

Curious one or two Steam games with the instructions above works exquisite, but what when you actual offered a fresh huge storage power and would favor to transfer your entire place in Steam games, value several terabytes straight away?

For that, the steady solution is engaging the entire folder manually the exercise of the Windows File Explorer.

1) Salvage a fresh Steam Library as confirmed within the instructions above, or actual notice…

Scamper to Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder.

To illustrate we have created a fresh Library folder in E:SteamLibrary.

2) Within the Steam Library Folders window, factual-click on the fresh library and take “Make default folder.”

3) The exercise of the File Explorer, browse to the distinctive Steam library web page (in total C:Program Files (x86)Steam) and browse to the game folders web page ‘Steamsteamappslicensed’.

Here that it’s likely you’ll well glean the entire sport installation recordsdata.

4) Reproduction the game folders it’s likely you’ll like to transfer over to the fresh power.

5) Scamper to the fresh library web page (E:SteamLibrary) and reproduction the game folders into the path ‘E:SteamLibrarysteamappslicensed’. If the folders haven’t been created, actual develop them manually.

6) Scamper to Steam. For your Library, take the entire games you moved to the fresh web page (Shift / Ctrl + Click on to expend just a few games straight away). As soon as selected, factual-click on the selection and take “Arrange” > “Uninstall.” This also can simply delete the game recordsdata from the distinctive web page, not the fresh web page, so don’t fear.

7) Make a choice your entire moved games again, and take “Install.” Steam will strive to glean to the fresh library web page, where the recordsdata are already in web page. Pending some verification, all Steam games will work as licensed from the fresh power and library.

EA Origin

Origin makes it very easy for you to transfer games. Correct navigate to your library and factual click on the game’s card. There’s a transfer likelihood that can open up your file explorer and will enable you to take to transfer the game any place you’d admire.

Navigate to the skill it’s likely you’ll like to transfer the game to and expend a folder to tumble it in. I would counsel that you produce a folder particularly for your Origin games, but that just isn’t a prerequisite admire it is in Steam.

EA Desktop

While it’s likely you’ll have gotten determined to make exercise of EA’s newer platform, EA Desktop, you too can simply need seen that it is missing a transfer sport feature. While it’s doubtless that this also can simply in finding one at some point soon, for now I’d counsel the exercise of Origin as a stopgap measure.

Each and each of these platforms will acknowledge games from the opposite, so open up Origin and notice the steps listed within the above fragment. You’ll must conclude EA desktop sooner than Origin will open, so be clear to conclude it from the arrangement tray as a exchange of actual the exercise of the “X” within the window.

Windows Store and Xbox App

For Windows 10 users, engaging games downloaded thru the Windows Store or the Xbox app on PC is easy. That it’s likely you’ll well well presumably elevate out so thru the app settings in Windows.

Click on on the Beginning menu and ride to Settings. Then expend App settings:

Scroll down the list of apps, or exercise the quest bar, till you thought the game you’d seize to transfer.

Click on on the game and take the transfer likelihood. A smaller window will show up with a tumble-down of all eligible drives (the skill that the game is currently on just isn’t going to seem within the list). Make a choice the skill where you’d seize to transfer the game and hit transfer but another time.

When this job is over it’s likely you’ll open the game as licensed.

Manually Curious Game Files

All other platforms we examined would require you to transfer the game recordsdata yourself and, thru varied techniques, point the platform to the file’s fresh web page. In this case, we’ll be engaging a sport from my Legend Games library on the C: power to a secondary library on the E: power, but these steps are also appropriate to the libraries on the opposite platforms on this list.

Beginning by having a watch to the web page of the game it’s likely you’ll like to transfer within the File Explorer.

I’ll be engaging Mortal Shell right here. It’s positioned in C:Program FilesLegend Games. Make a choice the folder named after your sport of different. Both push Ctrl + X or factual click and expend “Prick.” While you honest ride the folder to the holiday remark power this also can simply produce a 2d reproduction at the holiday remark as a exchange of engaging the recordsdata.

Now browse to your fresh power. Salvage a fresh folder and title it one thing fitting. I damaged-down “EpicLibrary.” This folder could well even be any place you admire on the skill. I in actual fact have opted to develop my further sport libraries on the tip stage of the skill, but it’s likely you’ll have to arrange it nonetheless you admire.

Originate that fresh library folder and paste within the game that you decrease from your other power. This could well well well gain about a minutes, reckoning on dimension of the game you’re engaging. The sport is within the factual web page now, but mute not comparatively engaging to play. You’ll mute must reconfigure the launcher to have the entire lot working as sooner than. Apply the instructions below reckoning on the platform.

Here’s a list of default paths for the platforms in this manual where you’ll must manually transfer your recordsdata. Secure sport folders in these locations:

  • Legend – C:Program FilesLegend Games
  • Fight.glean – C:Program Files (x86)
  • Insurrection – C:Insurrection Games
  • GOG – C:Program Files (x86)GOG GalaxyGames

Legend Games Store

Attributable to the device in which Legend’s platform works, you’re going to must “trick” the platform into pondering it’s downloaded the game within the fresh web page.

First, you’ll must transfer the recordsdata manually as confirmed above. As soon as your sport is on the fresh web page, rename the folder — one thing else will work — as an instance swap “Fortnite” to “Fortnite temp.”

Originate up the Legend Games launcher and glean the game you actual moved. It goes to seem grayed-out as if it’s not place in. If this isn’t the case, click on the three dots next to the game’s title and expend “Uninstall.” Don’t fear, it’s not in actual fact uninstalling the game.

Now click “Install” below the game’s title. This can elevate up some choices. Click on “Browse,” and navigate to the fresh desired web page — where you placed “Fornite temp” folder, the Legend launcher will now develop a fresh “Fortnite” folder.

Beginning the install then straight cancel the install. That it’s likely you’ll well glean the likelihood to cancel by clicking on the three dot menu again.

With the installation canceled, ride lend a hand into File Explorer, ride to the fresh sport web page, delete the conclude to empty “Fortnite” folder and rename lend a hand “Fortnite temp” to “Fortnite”. Return into the launcher and resume the installation. This can gain about a moments to envision that the entire recordsdata are there, but once that’s done your sport would maybe be engaging to play from its fresh home without redownloading one thing else.


Fight.glean would not have a transfer feature, but no not as a lot as it in actual fact works with you as a exchange of against you. Whenever you growth your sport all it’s likely you’ll have gotten to raise out is point the launcher within the factual route.

Pass your sport to its fresh home manually the exercise of File Explorer — when you would admire succor with that, scroll as a lot as the fragment of this manual titled “Manually Curious Game Files” — after which ride to its web page within the Fight.glean launcher.

Below the trim blue “Install” button there could be an likelihood to discover the game’s recordsdata. Within the file explorer that opens, navigate to the web page you’ve actual moved it to and take the folder.

The launcher will test the game recordsdata speedy, after which your sport is engaging to play.

Insurrection Games

Insurrection’s launcher is barely easy because it launches games thru shortcuts anyway. Manually transfer your sport recordsdata, then factual click on the executable file.

To illustrate, for League of Legends it’s named “LeagueClient.exe,” from all thru the folder you moved. From there it’s likely you’ll develop a fresh shortcut, pin it to your start menu, or set it to your taskbar.

GOG Galaxy

To transfer sport recordsdata in GOG, that it’s likely you’ll well must transfer the recordsdata yourself after which trick the launcher into pondering it’s place within the recordsdata within the fresh power.

First, discover and transfer the game recordsdata to the fresh web page manually. While you like succor with that please scroll as a lot as the fragment of the manual titled “Manually Curious Game Files.”

Scamper into your “Installed” games in GOG Galaxy. Correct click on the game’s card and expend “Arrange Installation,” after which “Uninstall.”

The sport has been moved, so it obtained’t in actual fact uninstall but it’s likely you’ll have gotten to in finding the launcher to acknowledge that the game is never any longer where it turned into a 2d ago. That it’s likely you’ll well receive an error, telling you that the game could well well well not be uninstalled. That’s exquisite though, that it’s likely you’ll well well successfully be on the factual music.

Following that, the game will transfer from the “Installed” fragment to the “Owned” fragment of your library. Correct click on the game’s card and expend install.

Within the minute window that opens, click on the default file route at the tip to see a tumble-down list. On the underside of acknowledged list expend the browse likelihood and navigate to the folder where you’ve actual moved your sport and click “Make a choice Folder” at the underside factual of the file explorer.

It’s critical to demonstrate, you are deciding on the folder that the games folder is in, not the games folder itself. One thing admire E:GOG Library is doubtless factual, whereas one thing admire E:GOG LibraryThe Witcher: Enhanced Edition is wrong.

At this point the launcher will acknowledge the game recordsdata in their fresh web page and speedy test them sooner than returning the game in a playable remark to the “Installed” fragment of your library.

And also that it’s likely you’ll well well successfully be done!