Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour


Here’s not likely (chilling?) video of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour.

Parkour is the most attention-grabbing sandbox for the Atlas personnel at Boston Dynamics to experiment with fresh behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots represent their whole-body athletics, affirming its steadiness by a diversity of speedily altering, excessive-vitality actions. Through jumps, steadiness beams, and vaults, we represent how we push Atlas to its limits to see the subsequent generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.

Or no longer it’s truly amazing (terrifying?) that that is no longer truly CGI but precise bodily robots doing these things in precise existence. Let’s true hope they gain parkour to be extra scrumptious than killing humans because obviously or no longer it’s true a topic of time earlier than they fetch a taste of both.

Withhold going for the video as successfully as a at the wait on of the scenes of how they’re instructing Atlas to manufacture these soft (horrifying?) things.

And some at the wait on of the scenes of how they taught Atlas to parkour:

And a video of Atlas from 2019 showing how far they’ve approach:

The Boston Dynamics robots can dance now

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