The appropriate approach to jog your data from a damaged phone to a new one


Some time help, KK’s phone kaboom-ed. 

KK is the Managing Editor right here at TechCabal. And while her phone didn’t exactly explode, it had a ton of famous TC data that we couldn’t fetch entry to. KK wanted her data transferred to a new phone, and she wanted it accomplished hasty.

Even as you’ve ever been in KK’s space, you’d know the device frustrating it is to anxiousness shedding all of your data after your phone gets damaged. 

However what if I confirmed you a mode to jog data from a damaged smartphone (android and iPhone)  to a new one with out paying some repair dude a ton of cash? 

Yep, it’s that you simply would be able to imagine. Let’s show you how.

1. A stitch in time saves your dime

Attain you incessantly help up your data to your Google story or iCloud? Then congratulations, you’ve saved money and time. You may well per chance jog data from your damaged phone to your new phone with out problems.

All it be famous to realize is apply the popular role-up suggested in your new Android or iPhone, register with your Google credentials or Apple story ID, capture to revive from your cloud backup and voila! Your stuff is help.

Even as you don’t private a backup of your recordsdata, then there’s but any other approach to retrieve your recordsdata from a broken phone.

2. Retrieving your data the wire-ful device

This job works in three eventualities and all of them require some hardware or the assorted. We’ll witness at them below.

a. Damaged phone show conceal but the touchscreen function works 

This can also occur in a diversity of cases. As an instance, when your show conceal cracks after you descend it, but the touchscreen unruffled works. Or when fair a petite water gets into the show conceal, but it’s unruffled usable—in part now not lower than. 

Describe: Zikoko Memes

What it be famous to realize is join your damaged phone to a computer using a USB wire. Be particular the PC can fetch entry to your tool, then transfer your recordsdata to the PC.

After that, that it is doubtless you’ll now jog the backed up data from your damaged phone to your new tool, freed from charge.

b. Show is working but your touchscreen function is kaput

On this scenario, your phone show conceal is entirely shattered. Even when that it is doubtless you’ll unruffled gaze blurry shots on the show conceal, your touchscreen is long past forever.


Readers and mild-weight-beings, for our subsequent stunt we would require an array of instruments:

  • A computer
  • USB wire
  • A USB mouse (your wire desires in an effort to glue to this, if it’ll’t, use an OTG)
  • USB splitter cable, OR
  • USB Hub with HDMI

PS: The splitter cable is more affordable than the HDMI hub. They both witness cherish this.

Got all that? Correct. Right here’s what you’ll attain.

  •  Mosey the USB Hub/Splitter cable into your phone
  • Then join the mouse to the Hub/Splitter cable.
  • In case your phone is locked with a password, you will have to use the mouse to form in your password or plot a pattern (this may per chance elevate some observe)
  • As soon because it’s unlocked, join your phone to the Hub/Splitter cable
  •  It’ll show the popular file transfer suggested, grant the permission using the mouse.
  • Your phone storage will seem below My Pc or This PC, copy and paste what you will have.

This is unruffled the straightforward part. What if your complete show conceal is blank and likewise that it is doubtless you’ll’t gaze anything? Yikes, that’s mighty. However there’s unruffled a mode around that.

c. Show’s blank? Make a selection a blind bet.


Your village other folks put apart in only a petite beyond odd time and now your phone show conceal is entirely blank. You may well per chance hear it ring and ping, but that it is doubtless you’ll’t gaze it attain any of these items. Don’t fear, we can again. Then again, you’ll prefer to walk your memory for this. Right here we jog.

  • Create particular your phone is on. You may well per chance verify this by calling it on but any other phone.
  • Join it to your PC with a USB wire. Your computer have to make a notification sound to show it’s connected.
  • And right here’s the harsh part. You’ll prefer to bet where the file transfer suggested normally appears to be like in your phone. Otherwise that it is doubtless you’ll true faucet away in your show conceal—imagine you’re Malorie from Fowl Box.

While that it is doubtless you’ll’t be aware the explicit space of the suggested, that that it is doubtless you’ll well get grasp of a phone that’s exactly cherish yours to substantiate. Must you’ve efficiently granted permission, you’ll gaze your phone storage in your PC and the rest is unassuming.

What if my phone’s entirely slow?

In case your phone isn’t exhibiting any signs of existence at all, there’s now not a lot that it is doubtless you’ll attain besides taking it to a repair store. You may well per chance strive charging it and connecting it with your popular wire to your notebook computer. And while you’re lucky ample, your notebook computer may per chance well look the tool with no permission wanted—they call this an Autoplay characteristic.

Then again, if this doesn’t work, it be a must to make that day out. You’ve accomplished your simplest!

We hope this helps you out one day, and if any other approach to jog your data from a damaged phone to a new phone, please fraction it with us within the comment share. We’d cherish to hear from you. You would also additionally private an interest listed right here on systems to recover deleted iMessages in your Mac tool. Don’t put out of your mind to fraction this text with your other folks. You by no device know who may per chance well private it.

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