This golden bathtub rolls itself onto the balcony


On the hotel Auberge aux 4 Vents in Fribourg, Switzerland, a gold painted bathtub on rails is accessible for company to dispute that routinely rolls out to the balcony.

The plush bath used to be shared by Felix Unholz, as he sat in the bath whereas it rolled out of a window onto a shrimp balcony specially designed for the bathtub.

Because the residence windows opened he rolled out with a pudgy bath of bubbly water to relax in, whereas he admired the pretty Swiss countryside from his room on the second floor.

Felix stated: “We noticed the hotel room on the web, we straight knew that we had to prevent there for a night.

I preserve picturing somebody the utilization of this no longer realizing it rolls onto the balcony. Indulge in they’re in the heart of a shower and impulsively it factual starts rolling out love some Japanese prank expose and subsequent factor they know they’re naked in entrance of a bunch of strangers drinking brunch.

Retain going for the pudgy video to boot to some Japanese prank expose videos of what I point out. Emphasis on point out.

And some horrifying Japanese prank presentations:

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