Streamer vows to luxuriate in nothing nonetheless egg dishes as he eats 140,000+ Remaining Delusion XIV eggs


WTF?! Many focal level on that streamers procure an effortless job. That they sit round all day appropriate broadcasting themselves playing video video games. Admittedly, that portion is quite easy. It’s getting people to focal level on that is the trick. So as soon as in a while, dispute material creators will toddle to extensive lengths to gather those views. One YouTuber has approach up with what he admits is his worst belief ever.

Update (07/22/21): RubberNinja aroused from sleep from his relaxation and mentioned he became as soon as on day three, so the 12+ hour depend became as soon as no longer good. He appears to be neatly in the help of ultimate year’s trot of 1,499 eggs per hour. It’s unclear what has slowed him down.

The usual story follows below:

Ross O’Donovan (aka RubberNinja) is trying to luxuriate in at least 139,860 eggs in Remaining Delusion XIV, which is the maximum series of eggs you have to to have the selection to procure for your personality’s stock (140 stacks of 999). He’s streaming your total tournament, dubbed “Eggwalker,” on his Twitch channel.

RubberNinja bought the premise after receiving a ton of press final August when drinking 999 eggs, which he mentioned he did most efficient as a “sh*t-put up.” To assemble an belief of the scope of this discipline, RubberNinja mentioned it took him 1.5 hours to luxuriate in 999 eggs final time. So no longer including right-existence drinking and restroom breaks, the broadcast have to bolt over 210 hours.

As if drinking 140,000 in-video games eggs became as soon as no longer ample of a discipline, RubberNinja has also imposed a number of tips to his online feat. The eggs want to be consumed repeatedly, even if he is trying to total game dispute material. He’ll also add 999 eggs to his stock for every and each 1,000 subscribers the broadcast brings in, so the final total could be a long way more. As of this put up, he has reached 4,245 subscriptions, including 3,996 eggs to the depend.

When he takes breaks to luxuriate in in right existence, he can most efficient luxuriate in meals containing eggs, and if his subscriber depend reaches 20,000, he’ll “change into an egg” by shaving his head. Within the direction of the circulation, he’ll sleep on camera as neatly, presumably to cloak he’s no longer appropriate taking a nonessential destroy.

O’Donovan mentioned he would originate up his subathon on Tuesday, nonetheless currently, the circulation exhibits he’s most efficient been rolling for 12 hours and 45 minutes, so he bought a leisurely originate up. To this level, he has consumed 7,300 in-game eggs. Doing the arithmetic (999/1.5*12.75=8,491.5) exhibits he’s quite of above his August trot.

He will be no longer without serve in finishing his discipline. Whereas he sleeps, viewers can kind the note “egg” in chat every 2.5 seconds, and his personality will luxuriate in one. As I focal level on, there are 1,793 viewers taking turns typing egg non-quit as RubberNinja sleeps on his sofa. It appears he’ll be in good palms whereas he rests.