RIG’s fresh HX gaming headsets gaze extensive, in level of truth feel extra special, and sound ho-hum


These in level of truth feel fully fabulous and sound fully…k.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

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RIG’s gaming headphones would possibly possibly maybe possibly possess been round for a truly very lengthy time, however they’re fresh to me. I’ve by no method had an different to procure a behold at a pair sooner than. Now that the firm is owned by Nacon, then again, I became as soon as despatched over no longer one however two pairs—the RIG 700 Official HX and 500 Official HX Gen 2—to listen to what your complete hub-bub is about.

First impressions? Each and each in level of truth feel extraordinarily snug and characteristic the placing appears to be like that RIG is indispensable for, even supposing the sound quality is moderate at easiest. Nonetheless whereas the 2 headsets retain some similarities in every gaze and sound performance, there’s aloof loads that items them rather than every other.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 700 Official HX (high), 500 Official HX Gen 2 (bottom)

The RIG 700 Official HX is being sold exclusively at GameStop and retails for $120, whereas the RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2 bills $70 at Easiest Seize. Lickety-split programming display conceal: Whereas these cans are aimed at Xbox console avid gamers, I’m focusing my attention on PC performance by myself.  


Let’s originate off by going over some specs and doing pretty of compare and incompatibility. The 500 Official HX Gen 2 are wired headphones with a metal scarf and 50mm drivers. The “kink-resistant” cable clocks in at 1.3m (pretty over 4 feet) and has in-line volume retain a watch on. The 700 Official HX, on the different hand, are wi-fi 2.4GHz headphones with a flexible and sturdy frame that Nacon claims is unbreakable. Interior are 40mm drivers and a battery that lasts 12-ish hours. All of the controls are on the encourage side of the left earcup, the prevent’ll also get the micro-USB port for charging.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 700 Official HX

Each and each headphones sport a aggregate of offers on the earcups and a self-adjusting high strap, with further size adjustments supplied by though-provoking pegs into one in all three holes. Each and each also advance with detachable mics; the 500 Official HX Gen 2’s involves an arm that would moreover be flipped to soundless, whereas the 700 Official HX sticks to a straightforward bound-in carry out. The headphones also ship with a license for Dolby Atmos included, which appears to be like to be your complete rage at the second.


Nonetheless ample about specs—you’ll want to grab how RIG’s most new gaming headphones produce. Let me originate by announcing that every pairs are about a of the most snug headsets I’ve ever ragged. I had no complications with wearing both of those cans for prolonged durations of time, and the RIG crew deserves predominant kudos for that. The 700 Official HX hurt however being a tad more snug thanks to its pretty bigger ear cups and plastic frame, however we’re no longer talking a gargantuan difference.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2

Within the midst of my briefing with Nacon, firm representatives talked about how the twin cloth earcup carry out permits for the most efficient of every worlds. The brink’s leatherette-trend cloth is more healthy at blocking noise, whereas the phase of the cup that rests in opposition to your head is a nice soft fabric that’s more breathable. It rocks, and I want more manufacturers tried a carry out indulge in this. The cups are also gargantuan ample to no longer relaxation on my lobes, and had ample padding that my ears didn’t contact the inner.

The head strap felt extensive on my head and provides ethical the brilliant balance of resistance to permit them to waft without pressure. I had distress with a identical design on the HyperX Cloud Revolver—it didn’t provide ample resistance and the headphones would sit down lower on my head which skill.

All in all, I’m in a position to’t explain ample nice issues about how successfully the RIG 700 Official HX and 500 Official HX Gen 2 felt. They’re supremely snug.


Sadly I’m in a position to’t gush as enthusiastically referring to the sound coming out of RIG’s fresh gaming headsets. Neither pair sounds scandalous, however they’re tuned with a disclose profile that doesn’t favor accuracy, type of indulge in Bose headphones. Create you’d like accuracy in a pair of gaming headphones? Successfully I train some don’t, however I’d somewhat originate with accuracy personally and then exhaust instruments indulge in EQ to tailor it to my tastes.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 700 Official HX

Each and each of RIG’s HX headsets are very remarkable tuned with a scooped EQ, meaning a pumped up low stop, lower mids, and interesting highs. Once again, this doesn’t sound scandalous per se—it’s in truth a in level of truth general arrangement. It’s a disclose sound profile that tends to carry out issues sound more stout of life after they aren’t repeatedly supposed to be.

Between the 2, the more affordable 500 Official HX Gen 2 in truth sounds better than the 700 Official HX, which bills $50 more. The tuning on the 500 Official is much less pronounced, with more mids gift and a more even mix. It’s aloof no longer brilliant, however it completely’s more brilliant than the 700 Official HX. A few of right here’s which skill of the different driver sizes, however I suspect most of it comes all the trend down to the DAC. A digital-to-analog converter is in-constructed on the RIG 700 Official HX, whereas for most of my sorting out I conventional the Inventive Sound Blaster GC7, a in level of truth nice USB-primarily based DAC, with the 500 Official.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2

And sooner than you explain that’s unfair, I will explain that I did try it with other DACs as successfully as the exhaust of a susceptible motherboard audio port. Did the RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2 sound better there? Successfully, it different reckoning on the setup, however without a nice DAC for sure it wasn’t going to sound as ethical. In actual fact, the true of the fable is that even a inexpensive pair of headphones can sound better with a nicer DAC. In that recognize, the 500 Official provides a bigger ceiling, however a lower ground.

Buying advice

So which pair of RIG headphones would I suggest? Even as you like comfort above all else, every of those headphones are price a behold over opponents. I became as soon as reviewing the excessive-stop Corsair Virtuoso XT at the identical time and boy I want that headset became as soon as as snug as these. These RIG Official HX cans sure pause in level of truth feel nice.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 700 Official HX

Even as you’re ethical having a behold at these two gaming headsets, the $130 RIG 700 Official HX is pretty more snug, tougher, and much more convenient thanks to its wi-fi connectivity. On the different hand, it also comes with a more baked-in sound profile thanks to its integrated DAC, doesn’t possess the nice flip-to-soundless mic, and is $50 more costly.

The real looking $70 RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2 provides more dynamic vary to work with alongside with the flexibility to bound into nicer DACs, and it’s a ethical trace for what you’re getting. Nonetheless it sacrifices pretty of comfort and doesn’t possess a detachable cable, which is a bummer attributable to its cable is so short.

In actual fact? If it were my cash I’d lean against the 500 Official HX Gen 2, however that’s attributable to I’m in a position to pair it with a excessive quality DAC. No longer each person cares about that capability, to carry out sure, and doing so pushes the overall price past the 700 Official HX’s tag, so it’s no longer a supreme tradeoff. Regardless, set up in suggestions deciding on up both of RIG’s fresh Official HX gaming headsets while you occur to price session-lengthy comfort so remarkable that you’re involving to just derive simply moderate audio chops to set aside it.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Nacon RIG 500 Official HX Gen 2

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