Cree Lights Associated Max ST19 evaluate: An inexpensive, tunable, filament natty bulb


Cree’s new traditional filament bulb is every cheaper and sexy, but it absolutely comes with a unusual app and a too-vivid minimum brightness.

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  • Cree Lights Associated Max ST19

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The maker of our well-liked funds-priced coloration A19 natty bulb is serve with a slew of new natty lights, along with this Edison-type ST19 filament bulb. Priced at a cheap $13 (or $75 for a six-pack), the tunable white Cree Lights Associated Max ST19 boasts easy setup; connects today to Wi-Fi networks; helps Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings; and packs a courageous arsenal of automation instruments. Nonetheless the quirky Cree app might even be complex to make spend of (why must you community lights which might perhaps be already in a room?), and the ST19’s lowest brightness atmosphere is silent a minute vivid for our taste.

Cree Lights presents a sizable sequence of bulbs in its Associated Max line, along with a coloration A19 bulb that’s our present Editors’ Possibility for funds-priced natty bulbs. Support in Could perhaps perhaps, Cree unveiled a sequence of new Associated Max products, along with this ST19 filament bulb. Among the many diversified bulbs in Cree’s most up-to-date batch are tunable white A19, B11 candelabra, and globe-fashioned G25 filament bulbs, which all fee $12.99 every. The corporate moreover unleashed a six-trot coloration downlight for $19.99. We will dangle a evaluate of that product rapidly.

This evaluate is segment of TechHive’s protection of the most life like natty lights, the keep you’ll salvage reports of the opponents’s offerings, plus a purchaser’s records to the aspects you’re going to moreover honest silent utilize in mind when shopping for this compose of product.


The Cree Lights Associated Max ST19 bulb is a tunable mannequin with a “straight tubular,” Edison-type traditional form. Visible within the obvious bulb are two pairs of straight filaments, one warmer and one cooler; by dazzling at diversified intensities, these filaments combine to advise white coloration temperatures ranging from a warmth 2,200 Kelvin to a grand cooler 6,500K (identical to daylight on a hazy day). Equipped with an E26 pass, the Cree ST19 bulb will screw proper into a identical earlier light socket.

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The Cree Lights Associated Max ST19 bulb has two pairs of straight filaments that combine to advise diversified white coloration temperatures.

Rated to shine at up to a conventional 800 lumens, the Cree ST19 bulb had no peril illuminating my situation of job, but I even dangle an routine complaint about its brightness: particularly, that it never will get all that dark. Even after I dialed the bulb’s brightness to utterly the minimum, the ST19 remained a tad too vivid, which implies you’re going to moreover honest silent assume twice before the spend of it in a bedroom as a night light.

The Cree ST19 bulb arrives with every Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, but its Bluetooth efficiency is factual for pairing the bulb with the Cree app. To management the ST19 bulb, you’ll favor to join it to your Wi-Fi network. Since it connects today to Wi-Fi, there’s no need for a costly hub or wi-fi bridge.


Before you open up along with bulbs to the Cree Lights app, you’ll first favor to register an myth. Refreshingly, you might signal in the spend of either your Fb or Apple myth (now not Google, sadly), which saves you the bother of increasing a password. That stated, you can make an myth the spend of your electronic mail address, if you desire.

There are two programs of pairing a bulb to the Cree app: either through an “auto scan” mode, which lets you add multiple bulbs on the identical time, or manually, which entails connecting your phone to a non permanent local Wi-Fi network created by the bulb.

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The Cree Lights Associated Max ST19’s dimmest atmosphere used to be silent too vivid for my taste.

Typically speaking, I salvage such “auto scan” modes to be hit or miss—probably miss—but in Cree’s case, the app managed to salvage the ST19 bulb (along with any other Cree bulb I’m checking out) within a few seconds, aided by the bulb’s Bluetooth radio. Once the app stumbled on the bulb, it went in the course of the process of along with it to my Wi-Fi network; certainly, you’ll favor to snatch your SSID and enter your network password.

Love most Wi-Fi-enabled natty bulbs, the Cree ST19 handiest helps the two.4GHz Wi-Fi band, but now not 5GHz networks. While you occur to’re the spend of a dual-band Wi-Fi router that makes spend of the identical SSID for every networks, you’ll favor to disable the 5GHz network before pairing the bulb, even supposing you might consistently flip it serve on as soon as the pairing process is performed.

Aspects and efficiency

With the ST19 added to the Cree Lights app, I’d moreover then add it to a room in my dwelling; a dozen rooms are already configured (yard, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and hundreds others.) or that it is seemingly you’ll make your dangle. Confusingly, on the opposite hand, you gained’t be able to utilize watch over the total bulbs in a room concurrently without increasing a separate community for them first. Meaning you’re going to moreover honest salvage your self increasing (pronounce) a “Kitchen” community in the “Kitchen” room, which appears a tad redundant. Serene, Cree’s grouping efficiency does will veil you programs to utilize watch over groups of lights at some level of diversified rooms.

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The “Dimmer” tab on the Cree Lights app boasts a coloration temperature slider, and brightness slider, and 7 coloration temperature presets. 

While you occur to tap on a bulb or a delicate community, you’ll near at an dazzling interface with a brightness slider, along with a coloration temperature palate and 7 one-touch coloration temp buttons. You will more than likely be able to moreover tap the “Scene” tab to snatch from six diversified lights scenes: Relax, Point of curiosity, Energize, Evening Gentle (which, as I grand earlier, isn’t very dark), Studying, and TV Time. You will more than likely be able to modify the settings for every scene, but oddly, you might’t make new ones. A Schedule tab lets you make a one-time, day-to-day, or weekly agenda, and to boot you might role a agenda to open up or close at dawn or sunset. After you make a dawn or sunset agenda, on the opposite hand, the dawn and sunset times gained’t substitute robotically on subsequent days.

Besides well-liked schedules, you might role wake up/fall asleep times that calmly brighten or dark the sunshine in the mornings and evenings (you might role the ramp up/down time anyplace from five minutes the total means up to two hours), as properly as role off a countdown timer. There’s moreover a “dusk-to-rupture of day” characteristic that calmly adjustments the brightness and coloration temperature of the bulb in keeping with the time of day. No longer like a appropriate circadian rhythm mode, on the opposite hand, Cree’s dusk-to-rupture of day characteristic adjusts your lights on a mounted agenda as a substitute of basing it on the seasonal sunlight on your explicit discipline.

The Cree app boasts some worthy—if bewildering—automation instruments (an identical versions of which I’ve seen on apps from diversified natty dwelling producers). Automations might even be attributable to a virtually absurdly sizable sequence of stipulations, ranging from air temperature and wind tempo to humidity to dawn or sunset—so sure, if you ever wanted your lights to flip on when it begins raining outside, now’s your probability. Automations can moreover be introduced on on a agenda, or when the location of a tool adjustments (for instance, if one of your lights activates or off). You will more than likely be able to moreover make “tap-to-scuttle” automations that veil up as scenes in the Alexa app, or as Siri shortcuts.

Desirable dwelling integrations

The Cree ST19 bulb helps every Alexa and Google Assistant, which implies you might utilize watch over the bulb the spend of assert utilize watch over or in the course of the Alexa or Google House apps. You will more than likely be able to moreover add the Cree bulb to Alexa and Google Assistant routines, along with dawn/sunset schedules (which are tied to the proper dawn or sunset on any given day, now not factual the day ought to you in the origin role the agenda). Certainly, if the Cree app is simply too complex or intimidating, you’re going to moreover merely utilize watch over the ST19 the spend of either the Alexa or Google House apps following the initial pairing process.

Besides Alexa and Google Assistant, Cree honest lately added SmartThings enhance for its Associated Max bulbs, along with the ST19. You will more than likely be able to moreover flip “tap-to-scuttle” automations into Siri shortcuts, but the bulb doesn’t offer appropriate HomeKit enhance, which implies you gained’t be able to utilize watch over it the spend of Siri assert instructions.

Base line

The Cree Lights Associated Max ST19 is enticingly cheaper for a tunable filament bulb, and whereas the Cree app is a minute bit quirky, there’s nothing stopping you from controlling it completely with either Alexa or Google Assistant assert instructions (or their respective apps). That stated, I was disappointed that this 800-lumen bulb can’t accumulate dimmer than it does, and HomeKit customers will favor to gape in diversified locations.

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  • Cree Lights Associated Max ST19

    Cree’s new traditional filament bulb is reasonably priced and sexy, but it absolutely comes with a unusual app and a too-vivid minimum brightness.


    • Essential automation instruments
    • Wake up/bedtime modes
    • Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings enhance
    • Soft pairing process


    • Quirky, customarily complex app
    • Dimmest atmosphere is silent too vivid
    • No Apple HomeKit enhance

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