Dyson V15 Detect overview: This convertible stick vac doesn’t omit a ingredient


Tidy home with this battery-powered marvel and also you’ll wonder how you ever tolerated chubby canister or factual vacuums with their pesky cords and unwieldy hoses.


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The Cult of Dyson has a brand fresh beaut to covet: the Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s simply the fitting in a long line of light-weight, an increasing number of worthy cordless stick vacs that catch earned the tag an avid global following.

The V15 Detect is a hyper-polished, extremely-worthwhile housemate; premium-priced however arguably worth it over the future at $699.95. Weighing appropriate 6.8 kilos, but lion stable, this vacuum is extra-easy to assemble and use in stick or hand-vac modes, making home cleaning no longer appropriate more handy, however almost effortless—even fun. Going via a unexpected spill or doing a day-to-day touch up is a no-brainer in case you catch got this slim ingredient hanging on its wall-charging role or stashed in a closet. The V15 Detect adds unusual substances and tweaks, in conjunction with a worthwhile laser light and an innovative repeat.

This overview is phase of TechHive’s protection of the fitting trim vacuums, where you’ll catch opinions of the competition’s offerings, plus a purchaser’s manual to the weather you could judge when browsing for this form of product.

First issues first

The V15 Detect’s revved-up suction energy is its most grand refinement. I notion I had it factual with my older Instruct-Force energy head Dyson stick vacs: a 2014 DC59 (aka the V6) and a now five-year-extinct V8 that stays in Dyson’s lineup. But since taking up the V15 Detect for overview, I’ve been worried by the amount of pet hair and deeply embedded grit, mites, moth eggs, and pollen I judge about in its canister in the present day after working one of my older Dysons over the identical zone. I’d snarl I’m respiratory more uncomplicated this hypersensitivity season.

Jonathan Takiff / IDG

The Dyson D15 Detect’s grime-monitoring repeat finds the day-to-day pick. Over time, the yellow-bar allergen count (some distance left) will preserve excessive while other bars drop.

The V15 Detect’s level-and-shoot canister emptying isn’t an totally fresh feature, it used to be first spotted in the V10 and V11 product traces, as well to on the mega-capability Outsize, however it undoubtedly has been refined right here. It’s one other checklist merchandise lumber to persuade customers of older Dyson sticks to narrate “time to enhance!” That’s because earlier units required you to disassemble the tank and wipe it out. Dustbin dumping is now a smartly-organized-fast, fully hands-off operation.

Anybody pondering giving up their chubby, clumsy standup or canister vac will likely be glad to compose the swap within five minutes of laying hands on this machine. Who wishes energy cords and hoses that restrict maneuverability and might per chance literally glide you up? Tellingly, Dyson has grown so confident of its cordless stick vacs’ performance that the maker has stopped refining its standup vacuum cleaner units.


Point, push, and shoot: Flushing the grime canister and within mechanism is as easy as pointing and pushing a lever.

The Dyson V15 Detect sucks—laborious

The V15 Detect’s suction energy is ability up, on story of airflow enhancements in the three motorized energy heads bundled with the machine: the Slim Fluffy for bare floors, an as a lot as this level High Torque head for carpet and rug use, and a compact Hair Screw instrument attachment for furniture and stair cleaning while in hand-vac mode. Plus, the V15 Detect’s proprietary Hyperdymium digital motor now cranks 230 air watts and 24 percent more suction energy than the 185 air watts model hide in one-step-down V11 sequence. No matter the increased energy, the fresh kid clocks a fleshy hour inch time in Eco mode sooner than needing a battery recharge—or a battery-pack swap, in the event you’ve bought a spare. That’s an option older Dysons don’t offer.

The V15 Detect is a tad top-heavier than I’m frail to with Dysons. The battery pack has grown in girth to total a long inch time (60- versus 40 minutes), and the dustbin has been stretched to enhance its capability. But this ingredient is no longer as bulked-out as Dyson’s most up-to-date Outsize mannequin (the one actor/comedian Billy Crystal lately held up with a smile on CBS Sunday Morning when requested what he’d been doing “for fun” all the contrivance via the COVID 19 quarantine.)  And I’ve easiest in actuality found the V15 Detect more unwieldy than my V8 when working it in hand-vac mode on the couch and stairs.

Jonathan Takiff / IDG

The Dyson D15 Detect without anguish converts from a stick vac for cleaning floors to a handheld unit for vacuuming your upholstery.

Dyson V15 Detect feature situation

The V15 Detect’s cutest fresh feature is a green laser light mounted to the front of the motorized bare-ground Slim Fluffy brush head. It illuminates otherwise invisible mud (and encourages insomniacs to total some nocturnal cleaning).  Utilizing it didn’t seem to decrease the vac’s battery inch time, however it undoubtedly is alternatively easy to swap on and off.

Refinements catch also been made on the motorized carpet and furniture brushes, to forestall carpet threads and hair from tangling up on the rollers. Each performed as promised, though I need to level to that the conical-formed, commence-at-one-discontinue Hair Screw upholstery brush also introduces a little of rattling to the otherwise reasonably nonetheless operation. And I terminate catch mixed emotions about the retractable combs on the front lip of the High Torque rug-cleaner head. These teeth, which I didn’t catch on my older Dysons’ energy heads, undoubtedly “phase” the carpet fibers, however they might well per chance per chance also inadvertently pull some out. The identical is horny of the arrangement’s beater brush.

You might per chance per chance per chance per chance track the vacuum’s particle-pickup performance (an oddly moving ingredient to evaluate about) on a color LCD repeat on the assist discontinue of the physique. Dyson says a piezo sensor no longer easiest counts the different of mud particles the vacuum is pulling up, it measures them in expose to automatically handsome-tune the amount of suction wanted for primarily the most up-to-date cleaning job. You per chance might per chance additionally manually shift the vac’s working mode from Enhance to Auto to Eco and track the leisure battery worth time with this repeat.

Jonathan Takiff / IDG

The green laser on the Dyson D15 Detect’s Slim Fluffy head makes mud in your ground easy to search out and tidy up.

Truly, alternatively, I rarely ever ran the V15 Detect in Auto mode all the contrivance via my overview, for the reason that sensor and High Torque head don’t work smartly with some of my very pricey, low-pile, hand-knotted wool rugs. The machine would oddly shift into most Enhance mode, cranking up the suction and motor revolutions (125,000 rpm max) to this form of diploma that the carpet head linked itself to the rug and wouldn’t let stagger!

Higher than malicious program spray

Having appropriate spent shut to a colossal to tidy and repair three of my woven treasures that had suffered moth harm, the V15 Detect’s suction energy has been most welcome. And the payback, with continual use, has been stress-free. I’m now rarely ever recognizing even a single moth flitting spherical the home, whereas I frail to behold, tear, and smack down a few each day. (A few non-toxic—to folk and pets—Safer-tag moth traps also ingredient in my pest-preserve a watch on campaign.)

My rug-cleaning obsession does compose me bother I’m turning into my grandmother, who Hoovered her home almost each day. But I will’t overemphasize how pain-free the V15 Detect is to inch: It’s pint-sized and straight forward to grab, but mighty. Some customers bitch about Dyson’s “unnecessary man’s brake” trigger—the vacuum shuts off the 2nd you unencumber the trigger—however it undoubtedly doesn’t pain me, because I worship the inducement in the assist of the compose resolution: It maximizes the battery’s inch time.

Jonathan Takiff / IDG

The motor-driven Hair Screw instrument has an anti-tangle conical brush that spirals hair off and into the bin.

A Decide-22

My seasoned, Iranian-born rug provider/cleaner/repairer almost had a heart assault when I bragged about making an attempt out a ambitious fresh Dyson vac with an continuously-on motorized curler head. “Stop that!” he declared. “It’s pulling out threads, destroying your rugs! Only use a vacuum cleaner with a non-motorized head. Never use a vacuum with a beater bar.”

I terminate possess and now easiest frequently use one such vacuum cleaner: a excessive-discontinue, Swedish-made Oxygen by Eureka canister mannequin that a seasoned vac-repair guy once educated me had “gorgeous” suction energy. No, it doesn’t pull up the rug threads that I space in the Dyson dump pile after working over the free-weave Turkish Kilim in my dining room. But honestly, the Oxygen also fails to suck out the micro-grit deeply embedded in this antique rug.  

I need Dyson might per chance per chance decide a mode spherical this dilemma; per chance, with a energy head that has stable suction, however will likely be equipped with a beater bar it is doubtless you’ll per chance per chance per chance flip off. Unless that happens, I’d tranquil point out vacuuming with a Dyson V15 Detect. It’s an oz. of prevention that’s worth a pound of moth-gap-repairing remedy.

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