2021 Audubon Pictures Awards: Video Class Winner


Here is the 2021 Audubon Pictures Awards winner in the Video Class and it presentations a Crimson-tailed Hawk hovering in the sky with unreal head stabilization.

Epic In the lend a hand of the Shot: Over several days I watched a pair of Crimson-tails taking motivate of the stable early summer season winds streaming down from the Rockies, hovering in midair while scanning the foothills for mice and ground squirrels. This one floated almost stage with my lens. His head stayed calm while his physique moved, his wings and tail steadying him and his dangling toes acting as ballast.

Fowl Lore: Crimson-tailed Hawks most most often hunt from a raised perch, as flying low ample to scan for prey in most cases requires extra flapping and extra vitality. At times, on the opposite hand, wind stipulations are such that they will grasp motionless, rarely shifting their wings, resting in the air as they survey the bottom below.

The video appears to be like so unnatural it appears to be like love a glitch in the Matrix. The rooster hovering in the air is uncommon ample, nonetheless the manner the pinnacle stays so completely calm is unnerving. It be the identical manner security stares at me whenever I lunge into a store or a museum or a girl’s changing room.

Maintain going for the plump video.

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