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You can beget received several alternatives.

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While you occur to’re having a look to upgrade your computer’s hardware, with out a doubt one of basically the most delicate issues to beget is whether or no longer or no longer a person ingredient is like minded with the remainder of your PC. And of the entire quite a bit of components to steal into myth, the specifications of your motherboard is probably basically the most attention-grabbing in the case of compatibility.

The motherboard is a complex sequence of chips, circuits, and warmth sinks that combines alongside with your extra popular parts, comparable to the CPU, RAM, and graphics card, in squawk to imprint your computer pause whatever you wish it to pause. Knowing the specifications of your motherboard formula shiny what form of RAM will fit, whether or no longer or no longer you beget PCIe 4.0 slots, if you occur to’re in a position to fit your unique M.2 SSD, and what form of esteem CPUs that you would be in a position to steal. Fortunately, motherboard manufacturers, retail internet sites, and companies and products beget PCPartPicker all present beneficial specification compatibility records.

But wait… how pause you even get which motherboard mannequin is inner your PC? You’ve received several alternatives.

Option 1: Watch up your get rid of historical past or tool mannequin

Searching on how your PC turned into build collectively, that you would be in a position to doubtlessly correct hint encourage your motherboard mannequin records from the vendor you got it from. Many orderly determine PC providers, comparable to Dell or HP, beget abnormal product codes or IDs that that you would be in a position to presumably be use to uncover up hardware records. Boutique PC builders beget CyberPowerPC or Maingear will normally present your tubby hardware list somewhere to your squawk historical past. Must you assembled the PC yourself, then take a look at encourage to your squawk historical past for the motherboard part or with whomever offered it to you.

Option 2: Exhaust Residence windows Map Data

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While no longer completely excellent, the Map Data efficiency within Residence windows 10 will get a plan to enable you to resolve out what motherboard is within the computer. To get hang of to the Map Data window, you correct deserve to:

  1. Open the Commence/Residence windows menu by clicking the Residence windows logo to your taskbar or pressing the Residence windows logo key to your keyboard, if you occur to’ve got one.
  2. Once the menu is initiating, initiating typing “Map Data”, and also it is best to nonetheless look the Map Data app populate within the Commence menu.
  3. Lag forward and click the app to initiating it up.

Once initiating, it is best to nonetheless look items listed as “BaseBoard” a itsy-bitsy ways down that list on the beautiful. Must you’re fortunate, your BaseBoard Producer, Mannequin, Product, and/or Version fields will contain the tubby imprint and mannequin records you wish. Some motherboards can’t be properly identified here, despite the incontrovertible truth that, so that that you would be in a position to merely correct look “No longer On hand” or something the same. If that’s the case, you’ll deserve to use any other option.

Option 3: Exhaust third-event instrument

Due to IT professionals, PC modders, and plot overclockers, there are many instrument alternatives accessible that pause what the above Residence windows Map Data masks does, but extra completely!

Current alternatives contain:

Once build in, they’re all fairly straightforward against finding the motherboard records.

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With HWiNFO, you’ll beget about a windows pop up when the appliance opens. And not using a doubt one of them will beget Summary, Attach, Sensors, and About buttons on the tip. You presumably can get the “Motherboard” list option on the left pane under the buttons to click, revealing your detected motherboard records within the beautiful pane.

In CPU-Z, you’ll deserve to click the “Mainboard” tab on the tip of the window to behold the motherboard records it’s in a position to detect.

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Speccy is easy: Open it up, give it a moment, and the preliminary summary internet page must nonetheless list the mannequin of your motherboard under the “Motherboard” allotment within the beautiful pane. Must you’d like extra records, that you would be in a position to click “Motherboard” to behold extra.

Option 4: Open up the PC and steal a look

You or a depended on person can initiating up and strive the motherboard inner your PC straight. For safety functions, we recommend doing this while the PC is shut off and the vitality disconnected.


The mannequin determine of an MSI motherboard.

Most motherboards will beget branding, names, and mannequin records printed beautiful onto the board itself, despite the incontrovertible truth that placement is no longer normally consistent attributable to the adaptations in layout of quite a bit of the chipset parts. The mannequin and imprint records is normally realized discontinuance to the CPU, alongside with out a doubt one of the PCI expansion card slots, or printed on the stylized heatsinks on fancier motherboards.


The mannequin determine of an Asus motherboard.

Expose: Some pre-constructed devices may merely beget warranty or guarantee crucial components that restrict you from opening up the PC yourself. Please be attentive to those and pursue the one option available to you. Additionally, if you occur to’re using a notebook computer, opening it up is normally a complex process, and also you’d probably be better off relating to option 1 and utilizing the mannequin records of the notebook computer to get what you wish.

While you get out your motherboard mannequin, head over to the manufacturer’s space to dig up whatever specifications you’re having a look for. Accurate luck and steal care!

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