Jeff Bezos and Blue Starting build: Explore how his scuttle to home is taking flight


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New Shepard rocket initiate

Billionaire Jeff Bezos will head to home in a crew pill escorted off the ground by a New Shepard rocket. The rocket diagram — named for Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut in home — has successfully achieved a collection of test launches. The July initiate may perhaps well be the first with people on board.

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Testing the flight experience

One in every of the Blue Starting build crew pill’s first occupants used to be a human-take care of dummy named Mannequin Skywalker. The mannequin took a tear with New Shepard in April 2021. The profitable test flight insist the stage for founder Jeff Bezos and crew to take to the skies with a July 20 initiate.

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Mannequin Skywalker

Blue Starting build’s human-fashioned stand-in, Mannequin Skywalker, took to suborbital home in the course of a New Shepard test flight in 2021. It will devour enjoyed the views if it used to be alive.

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Jeff Bezos for scale

Blue Starting build founder Jeff Bezos, vital for his Amazon-fueled billions, inspected a booster on the touchdown pad after a profitable test flight. The New Shepard rocket boosters are reusable.

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Booster touchdown

As with SpaceX, Blue Starting build has developed a reusable rocket booster to abet withhold costs down for launches. The diagram is designed to lift payloads to home and ship home vacationers off on an 11-minute tear of a lifetime. 

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Booster comes again

Here is the examine from above as a New Shepard rocket booster comes again down for a touchdown after doing its job.

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Parachuting down

A New Shepard unmanned crew pill descends from the skies in the course of a test. The parachutes are designed to present it a soft touchdown again on Earth.

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Blue Starting build home colony

Jeff Bezos also can’t be convey material with correct trucking around in suborbital home. He has a massive vision for an eventual home colony, total with off-world habitats designed as parks. 

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Blue Starting build moon lander

Will Jeff Bezos have to switch to the moon one day? The Blue Starting build Integrated Lander Car used to be one amongst three moon landers in fashion for NASA. NASA chosen a SpaceX moon lander for its Artemis program, but Blue Starting build also can doubtlessly compete for future NASA contracts.

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A New Shepard first

Long earlier than people can bag on board a brand contemporary spacecraft, there devour to be heaps of tests. New Shepard blasted off on its maiden flight from Blue Starting build’s initiate insist in west Texas in 2015. It has since successfully achieved a collection of uncrewed flights and safety tests, and it’s now in a position to lift passengers to suborbital home.

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Wally Funk

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos also can’t be traveling on my own when he gets off this rock on July 20. The crew will consist of his brother Tag Bezos and 82-year-historical pilot and aeronautics pioneer Wally Funk, who has by no plan flown to home. This screenshot comes from when Bezos informed Funk in regards to the plans to focus on with suborbital home.

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Wally Funk

Blue Starting build released this classic photo when it announced pioneering aviator Wally Funk would shuttle with Jeff Bezos to home. Funk and the Bezos brothers will seemingly be joined by the winner of an public sale for a seat on New Shepard. The high screech got here in at $28 million (£19.8 million, AU $36.3 million). The name of the winner has not but been announced.

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Obtain a Shepard seat

The New Shepard pill aspects a sleek interior develop with cheerful seats aimed at making the day out to home a cozy experience.

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Crew pill interior

The Blue Starting build New Shepard crew pill holds up to six passengers and has neat windows to present vast views of Earth in the course of flight.

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New Glenn

Whereas New Shepard is handling suborbital flights, Blue Starting build’s New Glenn rocket will procedure to switch increased, sending payloads and at last of us into orbit. Here is an illustration of what it would perhaps also behold take care of. Will Bezos be on board one day? It can well even happen. However first he’ll make a scuttle to suborbital home, even if he gets there after Richard Branson does.

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Blue Moon

in 2019, Jeff Bezos confirmed off what Blue Starting build’s Blue Moon lunar lander would behold take care of. The lander is designed to touch down on the moon’s surface, turning in cargo or astronauts. The lander’s future is unsure today as NASA strikes forward with its Artemis program to return people to the moon.