‘Dragon Man’ will most doubtless be an elusive Denisovan



Nearly 90 years after a Chinese language bridge builder chanced on a remarkably total human cranium and hid it in a effectively, Chinese language scientists in the meanwhile are introducing it as “Dragon Man,” the most contemporary member of the human family, who lived better than 146,000 years in the past. In three papers in the yr-typical journal The Innovation, paleontologist Qiang Ji of Hebei GEO College and his group describe the cranium and argue it represents a fresh species that is a sister neighborhood to Homo sapiens, even closer kinfolk to us than had been the Neanderthals. Plenty of researchers quiz that thought. Nevertheless they receive the big cranium, which the group calls H. longi (long procedure dragon in Mandarin), has an equally animated identity: They deem it will most doubtless be the long-sought cranium of a Denisovan, an elusive human relative from Asia identified basically from DNA.

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