The principle model of Web Explorer “borrowed” source code from what varied web browser?


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Spyglass Mosaic

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The creator of Web Explorer, Thomas Reardon, is claimed to possess venerable source code from Spyglass Mosaic, a licensed model of NCSA’s Mosaic browser. Despite being derived from NCSA’s Mosaic, the Spyglass model of the browser did not employ any of the code, in step with its venture lead Eric Sink, who detailed his memory of the events in a weblog post.

“Web Explorer 2.0 was in most cases Spyglass Mosaic with not too many adjustments. IE 3.0 was a necessary upgrade, but nonetheless largely in step with our code. IE 4.0 was closer to a rewrite, but our code was nonetheless lingering spherical — we can also relate by the presence of certain esoteric bugs that had been particular to our structure engine,” Sink said.

In 1994, Microsoft licensed Spyglass Mosaic for a quarterly rate plus a share of Microsoft’s non-Dwelling windows revenues. However, the OS developer attempted to lead definite of these royalties by in conjunction with Web Explorer 1.5 for free in Dwelling windows NT, concluding in a lawsuit and an $8 million payout in January 1997.

Lickety-split forward to the show conceal, Web Explorer is at final being retired for correct after just a few decades of u.s.a.and downs. Microsoft supplied that it would stop supporting IE in mid 2022 in Dwelling windows 10 machines now that the far superior Edge browser has bought powerful extra vogue consideration — partly because it’s far in step with the Chromium engine. Dwelling windows 11 is broadly expected to ship with out any model of IE, too.

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