Gripping aerial timelapse views of sheep herding in Yokneam


This is inviting aerial timelapse photos of sheep herding in Yokneam taken by photographer Lior Patel.

Haifa-basically basically basically based photographer Lior Patel has spent the last seven months immersed in the day after day rhythms of sheep. Hovering above the Peace Valley field of Yokneam, he’s documented a single flock’s grazing route of in an enticing timelapse that reveals the animals racing across the agricultural panorama and down roadways in strong, heaving loads. Shot with a drone, the accelerated photos attests to the drove’s shape-racy instincts, which resembles other naturally occurring patterns like a flowing recent or inviting starling murmurations.

Whenever you occur to shut paying attention they open to peek like roving maggots which makes the video a diminutive bit much less stress-free to search spherical for. Except roving maggots is your thing. Hiya, I’m now not judging. I once ate a pancake out of a trash can so I’m now not in actuality in a place to exclaim someone in regards to the relaxation.

Attend going for the final elegant video.

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