An engineering supervisor’s files to working in sync with all parties


Ojimaojo Udale-Ameh, who in total goes by his moniker OJ, is an engineering supervisor at PiggyVest. He’s a straight shooter adept at using his unfamiliar location of technical abilities to protect at the head of class and game. 

I’m bringing OJ to Centre Stage on myth of he is an exemplary chief and asset to Africa’s ecosystem. No longer finest is he cerebral about making choices, but he’s moreover intentional about honing his abilities and dedicating time to elegant-tuning his engineering suggestions.

Ojimaojo Udale-Ameh

Uncover me about one of the significant complex considerations you’ve needed to resolve to your aim as an engineering supervisor?

So one in every of the most no longer easy considerations I’ve needed to resolve is bridging the gap between the engineering room and other teams contained in the company. A part of my job is to relieve interior and exterior stakeholders be aware what my department is working on from a non-engineering standpoint.

What extra or less thinking or behaviour goes into efficiently bridging that gap?

For one, I ought to restful be accessible to reply to questions. I moreover accumulate to clearly reveal the reasoning at the back of obvious engineering choices and show why we enact what we enact. The challenge is definitely in having the power to successfully keep up a correspondence these choices while moreover guaranteeing that your non-engineering group members are monitoring with you. 

How had been you able to reach back up with solutions to resolve that challenge?

I needed to work hand-in-hand with Layo to relieve translate what we are working on to other teams– particularly the pink meat up group. (Layo Ogunbanwo is yet another powerhouse group member at PiggyVest. She is their VP, Product Approach). 

Since we are a buyer-centric organisation, we accumulate in carrying our customers alongside every step of the reach. Carrying of us alongside requires you to keep up a correspondence transparently. 

What extra or less fears enact engineering managers accumulate where their roles are concerned?

We ache about leading unmotivated of us. Fortunately I don’t accumulate that challenge at PiggyVest, but talking most continuously, nobody desires to handbook an unmotivated group. There’s moreover the ache that comes with working with third-celebration suppliers. On the one hand, our ecosystem can no longer thrive with out partnerships. Restful, on the opposite hand, someone has to be liable for soothing customers when one thing goes on the opposite cease.

Derive you might per chance well well just accumulate any engineering hacks to portion with us?

Derive over and over, read in total, examine totally, and repeat. 

What extra or less converse enact you like to read, watch, or hear to?

I like podcasts, but I’m most continuously no longer committed to auditory learning, so I default to finding out short articles about engineering. Just a few of my favourite writers are knowledgeable at creating psychological units that you might per chance well well practice as you read. Chidi Williams is one in every of them – he’s an even creator.

Talking particularly to your aim at PiggyVest, when does your group experience indecent busyness?

Our peak sessions occur at the cease of each quarter. As you might per chance well well imagine, the cease of the one year is a reasonably busy duration on myth of we’re a individual-going thru company. We’re attentive to individual traits, behaviours and spending patterns. 

Backend vs Frontend… show me why one is equally as vital as the opposite?

Frontend pattern is key on myth of it combines two obligatory ideas: individual experience and individual interface. When a buyer opens your app, they are interacting with the work of 1 or extra frontend developers. On the opposite facet of the coin, no matter how appealing your Frontend is, your individual will in actuality feel the affect in case your backend is awful. 

What utility instruments can relieve you to your present aim?

That’s easy– Basecamp. I moreover closely negate a platform called Grafana – it gives me a high level map of all our systems in a single space. These two instruments are mammoth helpful in my present aim. 

What does appropriate management seek like for engineering managers?

Engineering managers must know the formula to keep up a correspondence successfully. I struggled with this skill at the starting keep of my occupation mosey. After college, I co-founded three startups. Because I worked as the sole engineer all the map thru the companies’ early years, I didn’t accumulate to check with many other folks. But after we began to construct out the engineering group, I seen that I had a communications gap that wanted my attention. 

A stable engineering supervisor moreover invitations their group members into nascent product ideation conversations. You can’t carry each person alongside the reach, but you might per chance well well reveal them in from the starting keep. 

Also, it helps to be accessible. Accessible managers know the formula to handbook and grow successful teams.  

What would you tell to aspiring engineering managers?

I accept as true with aspiring engineering managers ought to restful know that managing of us is no longer any longer easy. Your group is going to be stuffed with diversified personalities, temperaments, and mindsets. You’ll reach to comprehend that folks aren’t computers – you might per chance well well’t stunning recede them to escape on their own. Worthwhile managers pink meat up their group members every step of the reach.

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