A narcissist with tag caused a mountainous pile-up for the length of the Tour de France


A “fan” preserving a tag for the length of the Tour de France clipped rider Tony Martin, causing him and reasonably vital all americans slack him to fracture.

With decrease than 30 miles left in the first stage of the 2021 Tour de France, a fan held out a tag over the fringe of the avenue that clipped Tony Martin and caused many of the sector to pile up slack him.

I integrated a shot of the lady preserving the tag attributable to she’s clearly extra attracted to being on TV than in the occasion itself. She’s now not even having a stare upon the riders. She might perhaps as smartly were in the center of the avenue swinging nunchucks around while yelling, “Survey at me! Survey at me!” And as soon as you atomize up wondering (which clearly you are), her tag is a combination of French and German and interprets to: “Slip grandpa-grandma.” Even though it is going to need been forgivable if it talked about something cherish “Scooters rule. Bikes drool.”

Procure going for the video. It is reasonably brutal and it appears to be like to be to be like cherish Tony Martin got streak over by on the least a hundred thousand bicycles?

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