Johnson & Johnson settles opioid case with Contemporary York for $230 million


Pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson will pay $230 million to resolve an opioid lawsuit with the state of Contemporary York, the state’s prison reliable fashioned said Saturday.

In accordance to a beginning from Contemporary York AG Letitia James, Johnson & Johnson “has committed to ending the form and sale of all opioids and opioid products for distribution within the state of Contemporary York, as well as to no longer ship these products anywhere inner the United States.”

The firm said in an announcement Saturday that it “made the industry resolution in 2020 to cease all of its prescription misfortune drugs within the United States.” The settlement removes Johnson & Johnson from a trial scheduled to originate in Contemporary York on Tuesday, however no longer from other cases across the US, where local governments, states, and Native American tribes own sued pharmaceutical companies over the float of opioids into their communities. Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $465 million in an opioid case in Oklahoma in 2019.

“Johnson & Johnson helped gasoline this fire, however this day they’re committing to leaving the opioid industry — no longer finest in Contemporary York, however across the final nation,” James said in an announcement. “Opioids will no longer be manufactured or supplied within the United States by J&J.”

The drugmaker said in its observation Saturday that the settlement was no longer an admission of prison responsibility or wrongdoing, and is “in conserving with the phrases of the beforehand introduced $5 billion all-in settlement settlement in precept for the resolution of opioid court docket cases and claims by states, cities, counties and tribal governments.”