Andover Audio SpinSub review: Deeply beautiful vinyl listening because of deep, vibration-free bass


The cheap SpinSub is the finest low-frequency accomplice to the firm’s SpinBase turntable speaker, pumping the bass from a remarkably vibration-free enclosure.

Andover Audio

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Turntables, and the vinyl recordsdata we play on them, are extraordinarily handsome to vibration. A carefully balanced tonearm with a tiny needle glides within a comely spiral groove precisely lower accurate into a vinyl platter to reproduce sound that must be amplified twice: First by a phono preamp (to bring the signal to line stage) and then by an amplifier or self-powered speakers. Any vibration transferred to the turntable can degrade this direction of or even cause the tonearm to skip.

Unless Andover Audio wowed vinyl lovers with its SpinBase stereo speaker machine, one would salvage scoffed on the blueprint of hanging a turntable without lengthen on high of a speaker, to order nothing of finding a subwoofer anyplace near one. Striking a subwoofer within the associated stand as your turntable? That’s downright anathema.

Effectively, Andover Audio is poised to upend the audio world yet again: The all-new $299 SpinSub is a compact, vibration-free subwoofer that makes exhaust of IsoGroove technology to prevent vibration from transferring to the turntable, even when the subwoofer is build in within the associated portion of furnishings. How did Andover Audio conjure this reputedly darkish magic? Be taught on to gain out.

Andover Audio

The Andover Audio SpinSub subwoofer is namely designed to amplify bass response from a turntable. It makes exhaust of dual power-cancelling drivers to construct away with undesirable vibration.

Specs and Make

The Andover Audio SpinSub is a compact subwoofer whose size and footprint resemble an album duvet extruded accurate into a three-d dice. The SpinSub is approximately 14.25 x 12.75 x 11.25 inches (WxHxD) and might possibly presumably fit perfectly into many initiate-sided audio ingredient racks or initiate-sided document album cabinets. And it for sure works perfectly in Andover Audio’s private SpinStand turntable stand. The SpinSub weighs in at a actually legitimate 21-kilos and its 19mm-thick, vented enclosure is made from rigid MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

The SpinSub comes on your need of sad or white material-lined cabinet that provides the SpinSub a decorator-pleasant dressing. Andover Audio sent me the white model, whose material duvet is a actually mild grey. I realized the truthful to be a splendid complement to any white or sad-coloured furnishings and accent pieces.

For this sort of small footprint (by subwoofer standards as a minimum), the SpinSub achieves a actually legitimate frequency response of 32Hz to180Hz -3dB. That’s more than deep ample to reproduce a cello’s lowest notes and bass traces general to most song.

Theo Nicolakis / IDG

Andover Audio sent a complete Shuffle Machine setup consisting of the SpinSub, 2nd-gen SpinBase, SpinStand, and SpinDeck turntable (now no longer pictured).

The SpinSub is powered by a Class D amplifier succesful of 100W peaks. In my somewhat massive 24 x 34-foot listening living, the amp had no assert turning within the products at life like to excessive volume on cuts from The Eagles, Dire Straits, Peter Gabriel, and Sade; as successfully as soundtracks similar to the Darkish Knight Rises, Finest Showman, and Megastar Wars: The Power Awakens.

The SpinSub sports actions a 3.5mm enter reasonably than the old college RCA enter. The included 2-meter braided-nylon cable plugs without lengthen into the sub output of any 2nd-period Andover Audio SpinBase.

I must indicate that this past January, Andover Audio as much as this point their award-winning SpinBase to incorporate a 3.5mm subwoofer output port. Standing by early adopters, Andover Audio provides residence owners of the 1st-period SpinBase—which doesn’t salvage such connectivity—a 50-percent-off alternate-up program till September 1, 2021. You’d also read the principal substances here.

Theo Nicolakis / IDG

The SpinSub connects to the subwoofer output port on the Andover Audio SpinBase.

That mentioned, the SpinSub is smartly suited with any speaker machine, now no longer staunch Andover Audio’s private SpinBase. The SpinSub entails an RCA-to-3.5mm adapter cable, so that you just would exhaust it with any volume-controllable amplifier with a subwoofer output or any powered speaker with the associated.

To snug integration, the SpinSub sports actions an adjustable lowpass filter from 50- to 180Hz, utilizing a 2nd-present crossover at 12dB per octave. Andover Audio tells me that after the frequency-selector knob is centered, the lowpass filter is de facto at 85Hz and optimized for the SpinBase—that’s a itsy-bitsy deviation from the 80Hz marked on the knob’s 12-o’clock living. This lowpass filter setting must work staunch comely for most setups, however the optimum setting will rely for your setup and room placement. There might possibly be now no longer any such thing as a share adjustment on the SpinSub, which isn’t exclusive for much less-than-$500 subs similar to this.

The SpinSub’s vitality is auto-sensing. When you vitality on the unit, this can robotically traipse into standby mode if after a couple of minutes it doesn’t detect an incoming audio signal. Once the SpinSub senses an audio signal, this can wake from standby. A green LED living indicator on the support of the SpinSub lets when the unit is powered on.

Andover Audio

The Andover Audio SpinSub substances volume control, variable share, and a 3.5mm enter on its rear panel.

All those specs aside, the unswerving magic of the SpinSub’s efficiency lies in its dual 6.5-trip woofers situated in a vented enclosure. The woofers are pulp cones with butyl-rubber surrounds, and so that they characteristic four-layer enlighten coils harm on excessive-temperature Kapton formers (a used is the ring that a enlighten coil is wrapped spherical). Not just like the more typical subwoofer that has a single, entrance- or backside-firing driver, the SpinSub sports actions two 6.5-trip drivers that fireside from the left- and smartly suited-hand sides of the enclosure. The blueprint back to this accomplish need is that you just can not living the SpinSub in a cabinet or stand that has aspect panels.

The usage of two drivers, on the opposite hand, provides the SpinSub several advantages. First, utilizing two smaller drivers allowed Andover Audio to accomplish the SpinSub with a smaller enclosure whereas increasing the sub’s efficient output living to envision a sub with an excellent bigger, single driver. 

Secondly and presumably most severely, utilizing two drivers enables one driver to shatter out the vibrations of the opposite, rendering the SpinSub’s cabinet fundamentally inert. The vogue is equal to active-noise-cancelling headphones that visual display unit your ambiance and then blueprint an inverse soundwave to shatter the noise they detect. Certainly, I felt small to no vibration when I build my hand without lengthen on the SpinSub’s cabinet, no matter how loud I conducted the song or how low the bass purchased. IsoGroove technology works as marketed.

Whilst you’re wondering, Andover Audio isn’t the first firm to adopt a multi-driver, power-cancelling subwoofer accomplish. A pair of of excessive-discontinuance audio’s most embellished brands—alongside with Paradigm and KEF—salvage developed associated designs over the years. The Sonos Sub is one more example.

Theo Nicolakis / IDG

Setting up your whole Shuffle machine—alongside with the SpinStand (pictured here with assembly in growth)—took lower than an hour.

Straightforward to assert up

Setting up the SpinSub is a portion of cake. The whole lot I wanted change into once included within the box. For this review, Andover Audio sent me their full Shuffle Machine, made from the $299 SpinSub, 2nd-period SpinBase ($299), SpinDeck turntable ($349), and SpinStand document stand ($199). That’s a complete vinyl playback machine with furnishings for staunch $1,146. I additionally tested the SpinSub setup with a second turntable—Fluance’s $499 RT85 Reference Turntable with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge—for the length of my review length:.

It took me lower than an hour to assemble the SpinStand and attach the SpinBase, SpinSub, and SpinDeck—alongside with loading the second shelf with a couple of dozen albums. All Shuffle machine parts complement one one more aesthetically. The SpinBase fit perfectly into the SpinStand’s backside shelf. Andover Audio does now no longer recommend that you just put in the SpinBase on the center shelf.

While you would favor to shatter optimum bass efficiency, enable me to accomplish two observations: I can’t overemphasize that where you bodily living a subwoofer—now no longer staunch the SpinBase—will play the greatest role in efficiency. On page 9 of the user manual, Andover Audio provides insight into staunch sub placement and addresses typical placement challenges. The backside line is don’t build the SpinSub in an fully enclosed cabinet (be aware its drivers fire to the perimeters) and if the SpinSub’s efficiency sounds overly boomy or bloated, try shifting it spherical to other areas on your room. Luckily, the SpinSub’s size and looks accomplish it easy to suit into many assorted environments. You’ll merely must offer a longer cable if wanted.

Secondly, for the smoothest bass efficiency throughout your room, you would must add a second SpinSub to your setup. Sure, two subs are indeed greater than one. Thanks to the groundbreaking compare in Sound Self-discipline Administration by Harman’s Todd Welti, each person is aware of that a couple of subwoofers in a room can snug out bass response (you an geek out over the idea at this hyperlink. While Andover Audio doesn’t point out the selection of a second SpinSub, all you’d must blueprint is take hang of a 3.5mm Y adapter, connect two SpinSubs, and ideally living the Shuffle Subs alongside the 1/4 and 3/4 substances of your entrance wall and you’d be in enterprise staunch about each time. 

Andover Audio

The SpinSub fits address a glove into the backside shelf of Andover Audio’s SpinStand. The SpinSub’s heather material must blend perfectly with any decor.

Listening tests

I assert up the SpinStand with all parts in direction of the entrance of my room, where I salvage my reference two-channel audio machine made from Revel Ultima2 Salon speakers and SVS SB16 and SB13-Ultra subwoofers with an Anthem AVM60 and dual Benchmark AHB2 vitality amps configured in dual mono. Assign a itsy-bitsy room mode at 100Hz, my listening living doesn’t endure from every other vital mode points.

I’m very aware of the SpinBase’s sound, as I’ve exhaust the 1st-gen model regularly. Adding the SpinSub to with the 2nd-gen SpinBase delivered an fully assorted trip. The SpinSub filled out the backside-discontinuance sound that, no matter how laborious it tried, the SpinBase on my own staunch couldn’t advise.

The monitor “The Finest Command,” from the Finest Showman soundtrack, is this sort of very good monitor for an audio whine. Bass traces and dynamics had been profoundly assorted with the SpinSub within the mix. The song begins out with a deep bass line staunch three seconds in, and then goes beefy on on the 15-second and 1: 12 marks. Bass change into once deeper, fuller, more dynamic, and authoritative with the SpinSub in play, giving drums and bass traces a ways more gravitas and letting me trip the song nearer to its beefy affect.

Turning to any of Hans Zimmer’s works will lay bare your sub’s integration. Spinning up “Terraforming” from the Man of Steel Soundtrack, unequivocally confirmed the sonic differences the SpinSub dropped on the mix. The raw, unadulterated, mechanical grind of musical notes that paint a chaotic image of metal, rock, and earth being pummeled came throughout with so a ways more affect. Then the hair on my palms actually stood on discontinuance when synthesizers and violins came in throughout the 7: 50 value, slowly triumphing, present by present.

Andover Audio

Andover Audio’s turntable-focused audio ensemble is additionally accessible in sad.

The associated change into once staunch of The Darkish Knight Rises soundtrack. The increased audible and physical bass sensation the SpinSub dropped at “Factor within the Fireplace” and “Upward push” raised the emotional envelopment of those songs to a stage you merely can not trip with out foundational bass.

Now no longer once did I get any sense that the SpinSub’s presence had any affect on my vinyl playback. I decide to order I realized it uncanny—even disorienting—to listen to and feel substantive bass pressurize the room, and yet no matter how many cases I build my hand on the SpinStand or the SpinBase’s cabinet, there had been no resonances in any appreciate. Let me instruct it yet again: The SpinBase speaker and SpinSub had been situated within the associated physical stand as the turntable with out any adverse blueprint. Striking my fingers to the aspect of the SpinSub, I felt the air transfer. I felt the bass. Shifting my fingers to the entrance of the cabinet? There change into once nothing. There we no vibrations. It change into once inert.

I didn’t need songs with overtly deep bass to peek the SpinSub’s contribution. Spinning up the album Eagles Are residing, the immortal traditional “Lodge California” sounded oh-so-smartly suited with the bass the SpinSub equipped for the song’s traditional guitar riff.

There’s basically now no longer great to nitpick about the SpinSub at its $299 trace point. Sure, the SpinSub won’t play down to 20Hz (no sub will at this trace) and the SpinSub yields substances on refinement, factor, and articulation (ditto). By a ways, on the opposite hand, my greatest beef with the SpinSub is that it has a bent to render some particular digital noise—it sounds address a muffled water faucet operating in one extra space. I might possibly presumably hear the noise from even nine toes away once a document had done taking half in. The sound change into yet again pronounced if the SpinBase change into once on, but mild reared its gruesome head after the SpinBase change into once off.

I docked the SpinSub a half huge title for this anomaly. Andover Audio might possibly presumably must interrogate into peek if a firmware update might possibly presumably fix the problem. As an alternative of that, did the SpinSub advise vibration-free bass as marketed? You bet.


While you’re a vinyl lover who thinks Andover Audio’s SpinBase turntable speaker change into once a winner, you’ll dig the $299 SpinSub staunch as great. It’s an cheap solidly performing subwoofer designed namely for turntables, and it delivers excessive value for the value mark. Add to the incontrovertible truth that this small guy plays bigger than its footprint; sports actions massive truthful charm; and doesn’t shatter any cabinet vibrations or resonances to interfere alongside with your vinyl playback, and you’ve got got got a product that stands a ways above the group.

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  • The cheap SpinSub is the finest low-frequency accomplice to the firm’s SpinBase turntable speaker, pumping the bass from a remarkably vibration-free enclosure.


    • IsoGroove technology delivers staunch vibration-free efficiency
    • Seamless integration with Andover Audio’s SpinBase turntable speaker
    • Compact footprint fits perfectly into the SpinStand turntable stand
    • Variable low-pass filter
    • Inexpensive trace and excessive value


    • Tends to shatter audible noise—even when no active signal is present
    • Facet-firing driver accomplish principles out placement within cabinets with aspect panels

Theo Nicolakis is a C-Stage technologist and digital communications legitimate. He is additionally a passionate audiophile and residence theater aficionado.

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