Amazon destroys as a lot as 200,000 items of unsold stock per week at its Dunfermline warehouse


Briefly: Maintain you ever ever wondered what Amazon does with the entire unsold stock stashed in their warehouses? In response to the company, most stock is resold, donated, and recycled, whereas most effective a miniature fragment is destroyed. On the opposite hand, a brand contemporary relate claims that the ideally suited on-line retailer is destroying as a lot as 200,000 items per week at its Dunfermline warehouse on my own.

In an investigation led by ITV Info, the outlet shared a video with footage recorded interior Amazon’s Dunfermline warehouse showing particular person electronics, jewellery, books, programs of face masks, and extra being flagged for destruction. Regardless within the occasion that they are contemporary or returned, items flagged to be destroyed are despatched to the “destruction zone” of the warehouse.

Right through an interview earlier than the publication of the investigation, John Boumphrey, VP nation supervisor UK at Amazon, said that the quantity of items destroyed is “extremely miniature.” The company furthermore said that nothing is despatched to landfills, and as a “remaining resort,” the goods are despatched to energy restoration.

On the opposite hand, there might perhaps be a worn Amazon employee pointing out that the weekly target of destroyed items changed into as soon as about 130,000 from which about half of is contemporary, and the opposite half of are returned products. In determined weeks, the different of items marked to be destroyed can even attain 200,000 items.

The news outlet furthermore had access to a leaked doc detailing the different of items flagged for destruction and donation all over one week of April. Whereas 124,000 items had been destroyed, most effective 28,000 items had been donated to a charity.

Weird: Amazon is destroying thousands and thousands of items of unsold stock in one of its UK warehouses every year, an ITV Info investigation has uncovered.


Quite a bit of the products – at the side of neat TVs and laptops – are on the entire contemporary and unused.

— ITV Info (@itvnews) June 21, 2021

“There is now not any rhyme or motive to what gets destroyed: Dyson followers, Hoovers, the occasional MacBook and iPad; the opposite day, 20,000 COVID (face) masks level-headed in their wrappers,” Amazon’s ex-employee said.

The motive within the serve of the horrifying item disposal is attributable to how Amazon works as a reseller. Vendors can even scheme cease Amazon to stash their products in warehouses at a tag that increases looking out on how lengthy they are kept. As charges lengthen, it at remaining becomes more inexpensive to raze the items in arena of having them kept.

UK’s top minister Boris Johnson and industry secretary Kwasi Kwarteng promised the case will be investigated.

Masthead credit: Dunfermline Press