2,400 CG artists were challenged to render a circulate animation and these are the waste 100


Clinton “Pwnisher” Jones challenged 2,400 CG artists to render a circulate animation and right here’s a montage of the waste 100.

Over the final month, I challenged 3D artists with the Alternate Realities CG challange. I equipped an animation for all and sundry to work from, and the outcomes were pleasing. 2,400 artists delivered, the waste 100 were chosen for this montage, and 5 of them walked away with insane prizes from Rokoko, Wacom, Quixel, PNY and Aftershokz (I for my piece reached out to my favourite companies in reveal to present away the instruments I spend each day.)


1st – Stephen Grimm 1: 32

2nd – Klay Abele 0: 22

Third – Julienne Aldric 8: 37

4th – Stefan Frank 2: 12

Fifth – Pierson Edwards 6: 22

Right here’s 10 minutes of the identical animation over and over and I aloof watched the total enlighten. Each and every render appears to be like admire a online game that I would happily play. I could gape this enlighten ad infinitum and I form no longer fill any thought how a winner used to be picked because all of them are unprecedented. On every occasion it skipped to a new one I declared it to be the single one but.

Establish going for the elephantine video.

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