iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: Which is the handiest iPhone?


The iPhone 12 shall be Apple’s latest iPhone, but there are silent so much of causes to establish in mind Apple’s older phones admire the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, critically if price is your basic consideration. We’re evaluating the iPhone 11, which starts at $599, with 2018’s iPhone XR, presently available for $499, to leer which cell phone is the upper rob nowadays. 

Don’t fail to take into account there’s even the $399 2020 iPhone SEto cater to the most price-conscious iPhone buyer.

Lower thru the chatter

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Sarah Tew/CNET

With dual rear cameras, Night Mode taking pictures and a 12-megapixel entrance-going thru shooter, the iPhone 11 does hang more tips up its sleeves for photographs and movies. However when in contrast to the iPhone XR, which already takes impossible photographs and video, the benefits are miniature for the more money you would possibly well perhaps pay. In addition, the iPhone 11 has a brand original U1 chip and Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LTE capabilities. You’re going to explore these next-gen aspects in future iPhones and Android units, so whenever you happen to admire to must hang a up-to-the-minute cell phone for the following couple of years, the iPhone 11 is the handiest bet. However because Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LTE are now not fully constructed-out networks but, you received’t explore any instantaneous advantages — one other explanation why we silent utilize the iPhone XR.

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Josh Miller/CNET

It will most likely most likely perhaps perhaps hang an older processor and specs, but for the money you would possibly well perhaps be saving with the iPhone XR, we mediate it is price it. It runs iOS 14 honest staunch as smoothly as the iPhone 11 on its A12 chipset, and despite the indisputable truth that it doesn’t hang an ultrawide digital camera and the updated digital camera tech, the iPhone XR works honest staunch elegant for posting photographs on Instagram and social media, too. In general, whenever you happen to’re on a tight funds, the iPhone XR remains to be a broad price. We would suggest both pocketing that more money for one thing else or utilizing it to enhance to the 128GB mannequin.

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How we tested

Blueprint: In the case of an analogous and silent as sturdy

The iPhone 11 and XR leer virtually an analogous — the quickest come to establish them is by the iPhone 11’s extra digital camera and sq. bump. However moreover that and the varied coloration selections (the iPhone 11 is available in lavender, mint green and a pastel yellow, while the Cell phone XR is available in a canary yellow, coral and blue), there are no evident differences. They are the an analogous dimension and weigh the an analogous, and the phones hang the an analogous 6.1-go LCD designate with the an analogous resolution and pixel density.

Besides the factitious of rear cameras they hang got, the iPhone 11 and XR leer an analogous.

Angela Lang/CNET

We performed a bunch of drop assessments on the iPhone 11 and XR, and each phones are moderately sturdy. We dropped the iPhone 11 on its entrance and relieve on tender concrete from 3 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet, 7 inches. On all drops, the cell phone’s relieve glass and conceal did now not crack. There modified into once a miniature, beauty scratch above the digital camera lens from 8 feet, however the digital camera lens modified into once fully elegant.

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When we dropped the iPhone XR relieve in 2018, we dropped it on a concrete sidewalk. At waist top (about 3 feet), the cell phone’s digital camera glass cracked, however the relieve glass survived. The conceal additionally modified into once unscathed. At peek-level (or around 5 feet), the iPhone XR survived a tumble on its relieve without a original hurt, but after we dropped it on its conceal, the designate in a roundabout plan cracked. Even though that modified into once unhappy, the indisputable truth that the iPhone XR survived waist-high drops modified into once silent real.

Each and each phones are water-resistant, however the iPhone 11 has the next IP ranking of IP68 and would possibly well perhaps continue to exist underwater at 2 meters (about 6.5 feet) for 30 minutes. The iPhone XR, within the interim, is rated IP67 and would possibly well perhaps continue to exist underwater to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes on paper. When we took it out on dives, on the opposite hand, the iPhone XR stored on ticking even after 19 minutes underwater at a depth of 5 meters. In our water assessments, we were unable to drown the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Expert, each phones surviving 30 minutes at a whopping 12 meters underwater. By come of water resistance, the iPhone 11 far exceeds each its hang guarantees and the iPhone XR’s hardiness.

Camera: Most up-to-date updates give iPhone 11 the brink

Each and each phones hang a 12-megapixel digital camera, however the iPhone 11 has a 2nd, 12-megapixel ultrawide digital camera and a brand original Night Mode for low-gentle images. All in all, out of doors and properly-lit photographs on each units leer equally interesting, with fixed and colorful coloring on each cameras. 

On the opposite hand, the iPhone 11 did make a choice critically sharper photographs with finer miniature print, critically when photographs were viewed at fat resolution. It additionally did a higher job brightening up night time and dim photographs with its original mode. The 2nd ultrawide digital camera is effective whenever you admire to must fit more jabber into every frame otherwise you admire to can buy more broad scenes too. Its flash is a tad brighter as wisely, despite the indisputable truth that we rarely ever expend the characteristic. Lastly, we admire that we will now make a choice portrait photographs of pets on the iPhone 11 (the iPhone XR doesn’t acknowledge nonhuman faces for portraits, which is a skedaddle). The iPhone 11 additionally makes expend of a characteristic referred to as Deep Fusion, which extra improves part and reduces image noise in photographs. 

As for video, footage on the Cell phone 11 has a tad higher dynamic differ, so lighting and exposure appears to be like to be like more even and pure. Video stabilization is a miniature steadier as wisely on the normal 12-megapixel digital camera. However the broad-angle digital camera doesn’t hang optical image stabilization, and during 4K video recording you would possibly well perhaps most efficient change between cameras whenever you shatter up filming in 30fps (despite the indisputable truth that each cameras can train 60fps).

On the entrance, the iPhone 11 has a 12-megapixel digital camera while the iPhone XR has a 7-megapixel digital camera. While we rating welcome the extra resolution of the iPhone 11, we by no come in in actuality had many gripes with the iPhone XR’s entrance-going thru digital camera, and whenever you happen to’re a casual selfie-taker, the iPhone XR is without bother ample. The iPhone 11’s entrance digital camera can additionally pull out for a essential wider point of thought, train 4K video at 60fps and make a choice sluggish-mo movies. However since we mostly expend the entrance-going thru digital camera for selfies, we did now not in actuality procure ourselves utilizing these closing two aspects in general.

On this represent you would possibly well perhaps explore the iPhone 11 captured more miniature print within the traces and tubes of the set up.  

Lexy Savvides/CNET

With the iPhone 11’s original Night Mode, the digital camera is difficult to dwelling low gentle scenes critically higher.  

Lexy Savvides/CNET

The iPhone 11 brightened up this represent and has higher dynamic differ.  

Lexy Savvides/CNET

iPhone 11 is faster

The iPhone 11 aspects Apple’s most smartly-liked A13 Bionic processor, while the iPhone XR has 2018’s A12 chipset. For the most portion, the iPhone 11 and XR each trudge iOS 13 as tender and rapidly as the opposite. By come of day-to-day initiatives admire attempting the procure, firing up the digital camera or opening apps, we couldn’t discern any shuffle differences. However on paper, the iPhone 11 is definitely the faster cell phone. As you would possibly well perhaps explore by the benchmark outcomes below, the more recent iPhone far surpassed the iPhone XR and scored essential higher in your entire assessments we ran.

3DMark Slingshot Limitless


NOTE: Longer bars show conceal higher efficiency

3DMark Ice Storm Limitless


NOTE: Longer bars show conceal higher efficiency

Geekbench v.5.0 single-core


NOTE: Longer bars show conceal higher efficiency

Geekbench v.5.0 multicore


NOTE: Longer bars show conceal higher efficiency

While we’re presently within the middle of altering our battery take a look at methodology for phones, we did take a look at each the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR with a brand original streaming video take a look at. Right here’s what we wrote in our iPhone 11 overview: After conducting our formal battery assessments and living with the iPhone 11 for over a month, we discovered the battery existence is in regards to the an analogous as the iPhone XR. In our streaming video assessments, the iPhone 11 lasted 13 hours and 52 minutes when in contrast with the iPhone XR’s time of 12 hours and 7 minutes within the an analogous take a look at. In day to day expend, the iPhone 11 has been lasting about a day and a half of.  

iPhone 11 is more future-proof, but benefits approach later

The iPhone 11 has a U1 chip for “spatial awareness,” in step with Apple, and it helps iPhones procure other iPhones more precisely when they’re in finish proximity. The chip additionally skill that you simply can “point your iPhone toward someone else’s, and AirDrop will prioritize that utility so that you simply would possibly well perhaps portion recordsdata faster.” Many imagine that the U1 chip is in general laying the groundwork for a lengthy-rumored Apple tile tracker.

The iPhone 11.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The iPhone 11 has Wi-Fi 6, which is the following era of wi-fi networking. As CNET Senior Editor Ry Crist puts it, “Wi-Fi 6 supports faster top transfer speeds; lets units send more recordsdata with every particular person transmission; lets routers and other access functions carrier more units straight away; helps sensors and other wi-fi objects preserve battery energy by scheduling transmissions; and facilitates higher, faster efficiency in dense, crowded environments admire airports and stadiums.” However you seemingly received’t explore many perks in your iPhone 11 now as Wi-Fi 6 routers are costly.

The iPhone 11 has Gigabit LTE, an developed model of 4G LTE. Gigabit LTE is in actuality rapidly and would possibly well perhaps reach top speeds of 1 gigabit per 2nd, which is in regards to the an analogous shuffle as a landline web connection. Apple introduced Gigabit LTE to its iPhone XS and XS Max in 2017, however the iPhone XR modified into once oddly now not renowned of the factitious. However the iPhone 11 has it, and while you seemingly received’t reach these speeds your entire time, your general shuffle goes to be faster than an older cell phone, and also you would possibly well perhaps hang so much more clearance in the case of doable shuffle. 

The iPhone 11 is available in a 256GB mannequin. At $749 (£749, AU$1,249) it is more costly, but whenever you happen to decide on a range of photographs and shoot a range of movies, the extra onboard storage will approach in handy — critically whenever you happen to map now not in actuality expend cloud storage. Currently, Apple most efficient sells 64GB and 128GB units of the iPhone XR.

iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR specs

iPhone 11 iPhone XR
Show conceal dimension, resolution 6.1-go LCD Liquid Retina; 1,792×828 pixels 6.1-go LCD Retina Show conceal; 1,792×828 pixels
Pixel density 326ppi 326ppi
Dimensions (inches) 5.94×2.98×0.33 in. 5.9×3.0×0.33 in.
Dimensions (millimeters) 150.9×75.7×8.3 mm 150.9×75.7×8.3 mm
Weight (oz, grams) 6.84 oz.; 194g 6.8oz.; 194g
Cell utility iOS 13 iOS 12 (can substitute to iOS 13)
Camera 12-megapixel (broad), 12-megapixel (extremely-broad) 12-megapixel (broad)
Entrance-going thru digital camera 12-megapixel with Face ID 7-megapixel with Face ID
Video buy 4K 4K
Processor Apple A13 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic
Storage 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 64GB, 128GB
RAM Not disclosed Not disclosed
Expandable storage None None
Battery 3,142 mAh (now not formally disclosed by Apple) 2,942 mAh (now not formally disclosed by Apple)
Fingerprint sensor None (Face ID) None (Face ID)
Connector Lightning Lightning
Headphone jack No No
Particular aspects Waterproof (IP68); dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM); wi-fi charging Waterproof (IP67); dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM); wi-fi charging
Label off-contract (USD) $599 (64GB), $649 (128GB), $749 (256GB) $599 (64GB), $649 (128GB)
Label (GBP) £599 (64GB), £649 (128GB), £749 (256GB) £499 (64GB), £549 (128GB)
Label (AUD) AU$999 (64GB), AU$1,079 (128GB), AU$1,249 (256GB) AU$849 (64GB), AU$929 (128GB)