Up for Grabs


Here is a list of initiatives which have curated tasks
particularly for new contributors. These are a gargantuan
system to originate with a mission, or to support portion
the weight of working on initiating offer initiatives.

Win a mission you shall be able to admire to was eager with:

  • Learn the contributor pointers of the mission
  • Secure the mission running domestically
  • Bound away a message on a job you shall be able to admire to work on
  • Secure to work!

We’re hunting for initiatives who can spend the day outing to
support mentor developers as they originate with
initiating offer.

What salvage of tasks are an correct match?

  • Tasks must unruffled spend now not than just a few nights’ price of work
  • Tasks must unruffled stand on my own – withhold faraway from core functionality on which assorted tasks count
  • Tasks must unruffled be well described with pointers to support the implementer

We counsel the pricetag up-for-grabs
however the utilize of a uncommon title is furthermore acceptable.

If this sounds admire you, getting eager is easy:

  1. Ticket bugs and performance requests that may well well possibly be an correct teach to originate
  2. Take the URL to this list of tasks so as that others can get to it without teach
  3. Register to GitHub and take a look at up on the README.