Syng Cell Alpha immersive speaker first impressions: This speak fills a room worship no utterly different speaker I’ve heard


It sounds colossal, and you can additionally preserve watch over the sweet space’s size and region. How cool is that?


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When I first heard about a contemporary immersive speaker from a firm known as Syng, I became as soon as intrigued. Dubbed the Cell Alpha, its bag speak became as soon as not like any speaker I had considered. That assemble became as soon as spearheaded by Christopher Stringer, who had previously labored on many iconic Apple merchandise for more than two decades.

Moreover its striking appearance, the immense inquire became as soon as, how does it sound? The Syng Cell Alpha just is not very readily available to consumers slightly but; it must be shipping later this summer season. So, when the firm invited me to coast to its areas of work in Venice, California, to hear it for myself, I jumped on the likelihood. It became as soon as my first in-person demo since the Coronavirus pandemic started, and I became as soon as colossal totally elated to bag out of the dwelling! Furthermore, I became as soon as the firm’s first visiting journalist since early final twelve months, so we were all enthusiastic about normalcy returning.

Syng Cell Alpha aspects

Measuring 12 inches in height, 11.8 inches in diameter, and weighing a hefty 12.8 kilos, the Sync Cell Alpha employs a clear-plastic, sealed, dual-truncated spheroidal enclosure that shows the innards of this modern speaker. Maybe most obvious are two force-cancelling, 6.5-creep woofers with flat, carbon-fiber composite diaphragms. The downfiring woofer has a gap within the middle to accommodate a pole stand, and a second surround enables the diaphragm to vibrate freely alongside the pole.


The downfiring woofer has a gap to accommodate the pole stand. A second surround enables the diaphragm to vibrate alongside the pole.

Arrayed for the duration of the equator of the spheroid are three coaxial drivers, each with a 3-creep inverted-dome midrange and a 0.75-creep silk-dome tweeter. Every coaxial driver is mounted in a particularly designed horn and placed at an perspective of 120 degrees from each utterly different in a structure known as a Triphone. The final frequency response is specified to lengthen the general diagram from 30Hz to 20kHz (±3 dB).

Rounding out the basic inside of parts is a dwelling of Class D energy amplifiers, one for every driver. Syng would not specify the skill output of these amps; per the firm, “In a powered speaker, the amplifier and drivers were co-designed for optimum efficiency. It is easiest important to listing the skill of the amp or the skill ranking of the audio system when talking of standalone amplifiers and speaker drivers.”

As effectively as, refined DSP supports a key feature known as Triphonic Audio. Syng describes this feature as an object-based sonic structure that gives fleshy preserve watch over with accurate placement and localization. In accordance with Syng, “That it’s good to to well presumably additionally keep sound wherever you wish, shrink it, switch it, magnify it, and layer it. Or let the Cell deal with all the pieces—with Triphonic audio, it’s able to virtualize any speaker array and precisely spatialize sound for your room.”


In this front assume, you can additionally peep undoubtedly one of many three coaxial midrange/tweeters in its Triphone horn. That it’s good to to well presumably additionally additionally peep the preserve watch over ring end to the tip of the pole stand.

Because the firm extra explains, “The Cell optimizes the sound within the room by figuring out acoustical considerations. It detects the particular region of nearby partitions and room corners and makes use of that records to rotate the soundfield towards the middle of the room. In a multi-Cell plot, each Cell detects the space and perspective of the different Cells within the plot to optimize the Triphonic rendering,” which contains adjusting the phases, delays, and soundfield orientation. As effectively as, it makes use of equalization to catch up on low-frequency room modes.

All of right here is made probably with three beamforming microphones that offer the records required for the DSP to manufacture computerized room equalization, wall proximity and course detection, and multi-Cell geometry calculation. The Triphone drivers then spend their very bag beamforming to adjust the soundfield.

The plot is controlled from the Syng Home app, which is for the time being readily available easiest for iOS but expected for Android this summer season. The app helps you to dwelling up the speaker and preserve watch over the soundfield’s shape and size as well to utterly different playback parameters.

Connection is basically wireless the use of simultaneous dual-band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) with increase for AirPlay 2 and Spotify Join. Chromecast and utterly different wireless connections could perchance even be added thru over-the-air updates, but no agenda for these additions has been introduced. There could be not any such thing as a Bluetooth audio, though Bluetooth LE is aged for setup, discovery, and tracking of Cells. The speaker additionally has two USB-C audio inputs as well to an HDMI eARC port to be aged with a proprietary Syng Link cable that will be readily available within the autumn.


The Syng Cell Alpha immersive speaker will approach with a tabletop stand; a ground stand is an readily available option.

Two pole stands are readily available: a tabletop stand measuring about 17 inches immense and a ground stand with an adjustable height from 36 to 48 inches. Both stands bag a preserve watch over ring end to the tip that gives volume and play/close preserve watch over.

Syng Cell Alpha in-person demo

For the demo, there were three Syng Cell Alphas dwelling up in a pretty cramped room: two on a shelf within the front corners on desk stands and one on a ground stand within the middle of the abet wall. Furthermore on the shelf within the front of the room became as soon as a Devialet Phantom I ($3,200), Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2 ($2,250), and Sonos Play:5 ($499).

The demo became as soon as conducted by Chris Kyriakakis, Syng’s chief audio scientist, and Nathan Hoyt, senior acoustic engineer. They performed tracks from Spotify on a Macintosh, which switched the signal to every speaker. To preserve switching times cheap and steer certain of getting to wait on for wireless handshakes, they aged a USB connection to the Cell Alpha; the different audio system additionally aged a hardwire connection from an outboard audio interface: S/PDIF to the Devialet and analog audio to the B&O and Sonos.

As they performed several stereo tracks while switching between a single Cell Alpha in a single corner and the different audio system, it became as soon as without extend obvious that the Cell had the lowest, loudest bass and the widest soundfield. All three of the different audio system had an spectacular smaller soundfield and no more bass. In yelp, the Devialet sounded considerably closed in, while the B&O had the least bass of all of them, ensuing in a extraordinarily trebly sound.


Here you can additionally peep the upfiring woofer, which, worship the downfiring one, makes use of a flat diaphragm.

I stumbled on the Cell Alpha’s bass to be a minute bit overbalanced, which I belief could perchance perchance additionally honest be due to the the reality that it became as soon as in a corner. When I talked about it to Chris, he talked about the calibration job takes that into legend and produces a perceptually flat response in terms of the human response to loudness, which is much less sensitive to low and high frequencies than it’s miles to the midrange.

He suggested that my jabber could perchance perchance additionally honest be due to the the command and rapid comparison with the decrease level of bass output from the different audio system. For certain, he’s a consultant of the firm, so his comments must be belief to be in that context, but he additionally has deep technical chops that I vastly admire; in any case, in his previous gig, he became as soon as undoubtedly one of many utilizing forces on the abet of Audyssey room correction.

Next, they performed some stereo tracks on all three Cells within the room. As Chris outlined, the Syng plot accepts a stereo signal and creates “spatial aspects” that he known as “leftish,” “rightish,” “centerish,” and “ambient surroundish.” These aspects are then rendered by nonetheless many Cell audio system are within the plot, with all audio system reproducing all four aspects in utterly different quantities, reckoning on where every body is within the room. Syng calls this Past Stereo, which is made probably by the firm’s Triphonic beamforming abilities.


When more than one Syng Cell Alpha audio system are deployed within the an analogous room, you can additionally adjust the size and region of the plot’s soundfield. (Present: This deliver became as soon as not taken at some level of the demo.)

As I walked for the duration of the room, I could perchance perchance well surely hear roughly the an analogous mix from any region, not like a used surround plot. Nathan showed me the Syng Home app, which became as soon as dwelling for the widest probably soundfield—in utterly different phrases, a wide sweet space centered within the course of the room. He then adjusted the size and region of the soundfield to relate that that you just can perchance well presumably switch the sound so it’s entirely rendered partly of the room and no more so in a single other part, allowing happy conversation there. Here’s carried out by graphically by dragging a “puck” around on the show and pinching to change the size of the soundfield.

As effectively as to 2-channel audio, the Syng Cell alpha can settle for a 5.1 signal thru ARC and eARC the use of a obvious Syng Link HDMI cable, which is scheduled to be readily available within the Tumble. Admire an ARC soundbar, that you just can perchance well presumably use the TV as a switcher on this case. (That it’s good to to well presumably additionally read all about the diversities between ARC and eARC on this linked article.)

Chris and Nathan additionally showed me some issues they’re working on for the long walk, which could perchance perchance well be mighty cool. But when I told you about them, I’d make a choice to smash you—or, more to the level, they’d make a choice to smash me!

Syng Cell Alpha: Coming this summer season

The Syng Cell Alpha is scheduled to ship this summer season; you can additionally overview it out at the firm’s web location. But be forewarned—it ain’t low-label. With the tabletop stand, a single Cell Alpha will dwelling you abet $1,799, and while you happen to opt for the peak-adjustable ground stand, it’s $1,969.

I became as soon as slightly impressed with what I heard on the Syng areas of work; the general sound quality became as soon as elegant, and the immersive soundfield became as soon as better than I’ve heard from utterly different audio system of this form. For certain, any firm demo must be fascinated by a grain of salt; I intend to review the Syng Cell Alpha in my dwelling as soon as they ship me one—or better but, two or three! So, preserve tuned for that.

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