Jennie Nwokoye and Itoro Inoyo are bringing neatly being facility-to-home products and services to rural communities in Nigeria


“Regardless of your bustle, gender or socioeconomic characteristic, neatly being is a famous human upright and no one ought to be left out” 

This changed into said by Itoro Inoyo, co-founder of Clafiya, in one amongst Clafiya’s explainer videos on YouTube.

In further developed nations, Itoro’s words could possibly be current as an unarguable fact, but in a developing country love Nigeria with a laggard healthcare sector, her words most efficient observe to a little cleave of folks who can afford healthcare.

The anxiety surrounding the Nigerian healthcare system has deteriorated such that the president and other politicians can’t threat receiving medical care within the country. 

In 2017, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, spent more than three months in a international country for a medical day out. His most present day out occurred about a weeks ago. A in truth foremost quiz right here is this: if Nigeria’s president – the strongest man within the country – can’t access lawful medical care within the country, how can the widespread citizen access quality healthcare?  Nigerians effort that Buhari’s frequent medical trips in a international country are a imprint that the country’s healthcare system is grand from getting mounted. 

Trying to bridge the healthcare gap in Nigeria, Jennie conceived Clafiya

Jennie Nwokoye nurtured an concept to attach a medical system to cater to the Nigerian population when she changed into youthful. She wasn’t ready to attach a lawful framework round her concept till she began studying for her grasp’s level in  system engineering and administration at Georgetown College. 

Even though her American accent could possibly point out in every other case, Jennie lived in Nigeria from when she changed into 8 and left when she changed into 14 years former. Growing up in an affluent household supposed that her of us tried to protect her from the a lot of concerns that plagued Nigeria. Nonetheless Jennie changed into an inquisitive teen who changed into sensitive enough to take cling of that access to healthcare within the country changed into and remains to be now now not doable for the increased populace.

“Imagine having household or guests who have both died or had finish calls because they weren’t ready to fetch access to healthcare,” Jennie tells me for the length of our chat.

“So as that changed into a profound trip that had stayed with me all this time and has change into something I are looking out to resolve.”  She wanted to attach a system outside of a neatly being facility setting because, in accordance with her, “there are suggestions to alter this command and as well you don’t basically ought to be a doctor to pause that.”  Her starvation to resolve out easy the specific approach to handle the healthcare command in Nigeria, is what gave birth to Clafiya.

Meeting Itoro and leveraging partnership

Jennie met Itoro at a reside efficiency in 2016. That they had lengthy conversations about the Nigerian labour market and access to healthcare products and services within the country. Itoro suggested me that Clafiya changed into at the starting attach called “Healthcare Cell” in 2019 and that she changed into Jennie’s proceed-to person for facts touching on provide and medical products and services in Nigeria. 

Itoro Inoyo has labored within the healthcare sector for numerous years. She studied at the College of Massachusetts Lowell the attach she received a bachelor’s level in organic science. She furthermore bought a grasp’s level in public neatly being from Drexel College Dornsife Faculty of Public Neatly being.

Even supposing she wasn’t officially a co-founder yet, Itoro’s candid recommendation to Jennie at the preliminary stage came from her wealth of trip as she has travelled by sub-rural communities in Nigeria following her work as a gender and PED analyst. 

A turning level of their working relationship came in 2020 when Itoro came across a pitch competition led by Women folk in World Neatly being. 

“We utilized for that, and of us assumed we had been co-founders. We had a sizable working relationship and so we determined to pause it.”

Clafiya ended up a success the grant. 

How Clafiya works

Clafiya is a digital platform that connects patients in semi-urban and rural areas to Community Neatly being Team (CHWs). It presents major care products and services to of us from the comfort of their properties.

“With our immediate USSD code, Nigerians with puny access to major care products and services can register, pay, and quiz for the closest registered CHW to administer home-based products and services,” says Jennie.

Clafiya leverages AI to observe predictive analytics to geotagged USSD messages for illness surveillance of emerging illness outbreaks in rural and distant areas. 

This furthermore enables authorities businesses and protection-makers to fetch facts-pushed choices on resource allocation in impacted areas. 

There are two processes to fabricate access to the platform, the registration project and the appointment scheduling project. 

The usage of USSD, a seemingly buyer will dial the codes *347*58# and then proceed to answer about a internal most questions. If you’d furthermore have efficiently registered on the platform, you’ll fetch a text message, and ought to be ended in preserve a belief. 

Clafiya has four assorted plans: Traditional (Pay As You Trot), Single Thought, Maternity Care, and Family. After a prospective Clafiya user picks and can pay for a belief, they’re registered on the platform and enabled to time desk appointments. 

The Traditional, in every other case is named pay as you proceed (PAYG) belief costs  ₦2000 ($4.9).  Jennie says the PAYG belief changed into designed to permit of us to pay out of their pockets.  

“We’re hoping that as we penetrate these communities, of us would subscribe to what I would call the quasi insurance protection belief, the attach the costs birth at  ₦3000 ($7.3) for a single belief but that covers the total major care products and services that we’re providing excluding the maternity care belief.”

The maternity kit costs  ₦3500 ($8.5). Essentially the most pricey medical kit is the household belief at ₦5000 ($12.2). 

Testing stage and gaining access

Jennie said in our chat that Clafiya changed into constructed to satisfy prospects wherever they’re.

Of their topic analyses and preliminary trying out stage, Itoro published that quite a lot of Nigerians, especially females, had been scared to switch to healthcare facilities. This, she said, changed into due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 “We wanted to attach a resolution that can possibly doubtlessly work for the day to day Nigerian, even whereas you’re in a increased socioeconomic characteristic.” 

In Nigeria, a sizable share of the population remains to be now now not linked to the web so as grand as the web exchange is scaling, an sizable different of of us are being left at the help of. 

Itoro said “Clafiya wanted to satisfy the desires of populations that the huge majority of programs have forgotten. That’s why we determined to pause home-based products and services to bring those products and services to of us’s doorsteps.”

“Everyone is constructing apps, upright? And the widespread Nigerian, though they’ve a cellphone, could furthermore now now not have a smartphone, whereas you’d furthermore have a smartphone, you’d furthermore now now not have facts, whereas you’d furthermore have facts, you’d furthermore have network concerns that limits access to the provider. USSD is the closest capacity to learn the minority population.”

The Clafiya workers has done their study, examined their tools, and in accordance with them, one amongst the things of us in truth seem to love about the U.S. provider is that it enables them to be within the motive force’s seat of their neatly being. They fetch to call the healthcare team who come to the products and services and totally be up to the mark of who attends to them and at what time. 

Building Clafiya as females 

Clafiya is within the intervening time running in Enugu, a negate within the southeastern section of Nigeria and whereas they’re planning to fetch higher into other parts of the country, it took comparatively an effort to fetch the lawful facts wanted to access seemingly prospects. Jennie likes to attach it that they had been “shamelessly” going to authorities areas of work and anticipating long hours in relate to fetch the guidelines they wanted. 

Building self assurance as a girl is one capacity to scale by some huddles when facing of us. 

“Some of us received’t purchase me seriously factual because I’m a girl. They survey at me as a little lady.  Nonetheless I mediate if you’re ready to present the facts and as well you’re enraged about it, they’re inclined to purchase you slightly bit more seriously,” Jennie suggested me. 

Itoro furthermore said leveraging on present relationships she has with healthcare team has made their streak a lot more uncomplicated. 

Why Clafiya is assorted

They are not in Lagos. 

In Nigeria, every major tech startup will seemingly have its viewers sinister in Lagos. With home-grown startups love Flutterwave and Paystack, Lagos is arguably Africa’s most superb tech hub for talent, alternatives and traders. 

Whereas Lagos has the supreme market dimension for any form of exchange in Nigeria, other communities are in general left out when new initiatives and technologies come to Nigeria. 

The choice to birth out in Enugu is in deliver that the broader Nigerian population can have access to the provider and now now not be left out. Then again, transferring forward, Clafiya plans to fetch higher to other communities in Nigeria.

Jennie and Itoro exclaim the famous aim of constructing the product is so they’ll point out that access to quality neatly being is a famous upright for every person, no topic your bustle, gender, or socioeconomic characteristic.