Blessing Abeng on dreaming in French, finding out on the job, and overcoming profession failures


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I’m bringing Blessing Abeng to centre stage on account of I’m inspired by her dedication to supporting Africa’s rising tech expertise thru her role as Director of Communications at Ingressive For Comely. Blessing is a accelerate-getter who is alive to to be taught and isn’t alarmed to inquire of questions or contain no longer easy conversations. I treasure Blessing’s braveness and dedication to wait on going despite the occasional barriers life has thrown at her. 

You appear to be a busy girl. What does a habitual day ogle like for you?

I mediate that’s one in every of the hardest inquiries to retort to. You realize how many of winning of us imply having and sticking to a routine on account of it helps you propose your life and whatnot? Yeah, that has never in actuality worked for me.

Haha! In any case?

Yup! Whenever you happen to work in communication, no two days are the identical. Some days I don’t sleep. Some days I sleep and wake up at 6 am. And some days I sleep in [laughs]. So the ability I conception my day is dependent on my targets and dreams. There’s also the indisputable truth that I’m taking French classes within the indicate time. 

Quit. Order me why you are finding out French?

Please don’t giggle. I are attempting so as to dream and mediate in a single other language that isn’t English. Finding out a various language opens your tips up to a myriad of chances and expands the ability you mediate. Finding out French has confirmed me that folk mediate in a single more design essentially essentially based on their first or 2nd language. 

Very fascinating. Where are you taking classes and the design does finding out French affect your day-to-day work?

I’m taking a 360 advance to finding out French. I’m taking some classes at Alliance Francaise de Lagos – that ability I’m up early at 5: 30 AM to conception and kick off my day sooner than classes originate at 8 AM. I also use Duolingo and practice my talking with on-line movies and programs. 

Wow. And likewise you attain this each and each day?

On each day basis. In most cases at some stage in school, I’m on my computer responding to emails and performing some work. As additionally, you will imagine, my French teacher teases me lots about overworking myself. I know the ability I work, for essentially the most fragment, isn’t healthy, and I’m finding out that I will be able to’t work like this and dwell on. 

Talking of jobs, what existing skillsets did you need to even contain sooner than you joined Ingressive?

I’ve frequently had powerful management and digital marketing abilities. I know my ability round offline and affiliate on-line marketing tactics. I’m powerful at storytelling and one in every of my strengths is increasing and executing strategic plans. 

What did you be taught on the job?

I learned the perfect solution to keep up a correspondence with donors. Ingressive for Comely is a non-revenue company, so managing donors is a various ball game. I needed to be taught to talk to donors and successfully keep up a correspondence what we’re doing at Ingressive. I also learned the perfect solution to better arrange my time and allocate my minutes and hours to my job, group participants, and relatives. The elevated you accelerate, the extra work additionally, you will want to attain. I needed to be taught to prioritize my time successfully. 

What are some myths you mediate it’s main to homicide?

Don’t ethical attain the work – expose the work. What does that indicate? Effectively, I’ve met of us who mediate that every and all and sundry they need to attain is accomplish a product and their customers will fetch it. That’s no longer how issues work. Must you simply attain the work, and it doesn’t fetch in front of the of us who want it, additionally, you will no longer develop as posthaste as you like to hope to. I imply that founders prioritize showing the work as powerful as doing the work. Must you aren’t able to doing it your self, hire a comms person to attain it. 

What abilities could contain to level-headed aspiring communications mavens be finding out? 

Presentation abilities. Presentation is main on account of as you develop you’re going to hope to originate presenting to boards, senior leaders and executives. You wish so as to ranking what’s main without unimaginative them. 

I also imply that they would perhaps contain to level-headed dedicate themselves to finding out and assimilating tips and perfect practices that are connected to the industry. And don’t ethical be taught; exit and build aside into practice what you’ve been taught on-line or in-person. 

How attain you define and navigate expert failures? 

First and well-known, I remind myself that failing at a project would not indicate I’m a failure. I in actuality contain only failed when I pause attempting or I mediate, “I in actuality contain failed so let me stop.” Sure, there’s a design to exit projects that aren’t working the ability you like to contain them to; but I don’t allow failure to kick me down or accomplish me lose my self assurance or hope in life.

Secondly, failing at a project would not indicate you are no longer unbiased. Failure offers you an opportunity to employ stock and judge out what went unpleasant and what could want been achieved in a single more design. 

Thirdly, employ your time to job the failure but don’t dwell on it. I also imply keeping notice of your wins and successes. I in actuality contain a “ranking journal” and it helps me consider my accomplishments. 

My dad wanted me to be a doctor. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Support within the day, my mother historical to fetch teased about having two daughters. Her co-group would expose her, “you don’t contain a baby yet on account of you don’t contain a son.”


Sure! She historical to shout about it and slightly frankly, I stand by the indisputable truth that she used to be bullied at work. She didn’t let it affect the ability she raised us though. She simply inspired us to work more sturdy and level to to naysayers that gender isn’t the final marker for success in our society.

So you didn’t accelerate down the remedy path. How did you fetch your ability to branding?

A pal of mine steered that I accelerate to branding college and flip my creativity staunch into a talented profession path. I told my dad I was leaving Abuja and moving to Lagos to be taught set up management and work in an agency. Even when he wasn’t utterly soft with it, he level-headed supported me. We signed an agreement: if my chosen path didn’t figure out after two years, I needed to design back residence. 

Whenever you happen to think the tech and industry ecosystem in Africa, what excites you? What attain you mediate is possible?

Disclaimer: I don’t know the long bustle and I will be able to’t predict that any of my tips will doubtless be fulfilled at some level on this life.

Dr Ola Brown once explained that miniature businesses are the lifeblood of a rustic. SMEs support with employability and boosting the financial system – that ability that now we want to stumble on extra give a ranking to for SMEs so they’ll hire our rising childhood inhabitants. I mediate that there is hope for our employment points to be solved within the long bustle on account of of the volume of funding coming into the country. I also stumble on that an increasing series of miniature businesses are going out of their ability to resolve considerations that our leaders contain omitted for too long. 

I’m also alive to on the startups that are making mettlesome strikes. I applaud businesses like Flutterwave, Bankly and Paystack for going over and beyond to alternate the epic about innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.