The ultimate Android telephones for 2021


If you’re looking to discover a brand new Android phone, we have you coated. We check all of the handiest smartphones at Digital Traits to in finding out precisely what they’re able to, and we get rid of to study them. We divided this list into extra than one categories per plenty of budgets. For every one, we provide our high receive and any that it’s possible you’ll per chance be imagine alternatives we judge are value declaring. We chose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as primarily the most handy Android flagship phone since has a extra special digicam, a lovely conceal price, and noteworthy battery lifestyles.

Forward of you purchase it’s value looking to receive a lawful deal for your chosen new phone, so procure a stare at our on a in style foundation updated smartphone provides right here, and if you’re no longer settled on an Android phone and love giving an Apple iPhone a attempt, procure a watch at our recommendation on looking to in finding the handiest iPhone right here.

Excellent Android smartphones at a stare

The ultimate Android flagship: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: There are no compromises. It has a extra special digicam, a lovely conceal, long battery lifestyles, an advanced fabricate, and primarily the latest processor too.

Who it’s for: It’s for any person that wants the very handiest tech accessible, internal a lawful-having a stare smartphone that will last for years earlier than it wants replacing.

Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is basically the most handy Galaxy S Sequence smartphone Samsung has ever made, and it’s without a doubt the S Sequence mannequin for 2021 to purchase, because the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ aren’t slightly as succesful. Yes, it’s noteworthy and heavy, but there’s a reason of that — it’s full of primarily the most handy tech accessible.

Let’s commence with the digicam. The 108-megapixel important digicam is joined by a pair of 10MP telephoto cameras for a 3x and 10x optical zoom, plus a 12MP huge-perspective digicam that doubles as a shut-up digicam too. You’ll fight to discover a say the attach the S21 Ultra won’t be ready to procure a noteworthy photograph.

Samsung’s Android 11-primarily based completely mostly OneUI 3.0 device is inconspicuous to use and appealing, plus it’s very speedily too, because it’s pushed by the Snapdragon 888 processor (or the Exynos 2100 if you reside outside the U.S.) and 12GB of RAM. It shrugs off energy-hungry projects and hardcore video games love they’re nothing.

Samsung’s 6.8-dash Dynamic AMOLED conceal has a 120Hz refresh price and a 3200 x 1440 pixel determination, and it’s as nice-having a stare as we’ve come to quiz — extremely gleaming, deep blacks, and total of coloration. The in-price fingerprint sensor is great better than previous efforts fitted to Samsung telephones, and the 5,000mAh battery without issues lasts a corpulent day with the conceal determination location at most. It’ll last practically two days with shining use.

The list of advantages goes on. From the assorted digicam facets love Single Delight in and 8K video recording, to S Pen give a enhance to love the Demonstrate Sequence telephones, alongside with 5G connectivity, wireless charging (including reverse charging for a pair of headphones), and Wireless DeX to join your phone to a computer wirelessly. Samsung has even managed to manufacture a on the entire traditional dim coloration plot see noteworthy on the S21 Ultra.

Downsides? It’s without a doubt a handful of a phone, but other than that, it’s exhausting to fault the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It costs $1,299, making it a little bit more cost effective than the S20 Ultra it replaces, but serene a high price. You’re getting the very handiest available with the S21 Ultra, but elevate out additionally procure a stare at the Galaxy Demonstrate 20 Ultra, which competes very favorably with the S21 Ultra and may on the entire be stumbled on for a a little bit more cost effective price. If you’re mostly in gaming, then the Asus ROG Phone 5 has in an identical style spacious portions of energy and skills.

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The ultimate Android phone for $1,000: OnePlus 9 Reliable

Andy Boxall/Digital Traits

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: Basically the most total, no-nonsense, reliable smartphone package accessible.

Who it’s for: If it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance love primarily the most handy present tech for your phone, but don’t want to use larger than $1,000.

Why we picked the OnePlus 9 Reliable:

The OnePlus 9 Reliable is OnePlus at its handiest. It locations primarily the latest hardware specs — a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 5G and up to 12GB of RAM, and a noteworthy 6.7-dash AMOLED conceal with a 120Hz refresh price — internal a water resistant physique fabricated from metal and glass, then pairs it with without a doubt one of primarily the most handy Android 11-primarily based completely mostly consumer interfaces available for a extra special all-spherical product.

That’s earlier than you receive to the extremely speedily charging, with a wired connection taking merely 28 minutes to utterly recharge, or about 45 minutes using OnePlus’ hold speedily wireless charging stand. The battery lifestyles isn’t the longest available, but it’ll serene last you a day offered you don’t creep aroused on gaming.

It’s the first phone with a digicam tuned by photograph-experts Hasselblad, and despite the incontrovertible reality that the firm has handiest labored on the device for now, it has improved the OnePlus 9 Reliable’s digicam over previous units. After we first reviewed the phone we weren’t blown away by the pictures it took, but a series of device updates since then have improved it plenty. It’s now tense telephones love the Galaxy S21+ and the iPhone 12, and on a in style foundation takes magnificent shots.

There are two units accessible, a $969 8GB/128GB model and a 12GB/256GB mannequin. The additional storage is welcome because the OnePlus 9 Reliable doesn’t have a microSD card slot, but if you’re contented with cloud storage transferring ahead, establish your self some money and receive the 8GB/128GB OnePlus 9 Reliable. You won’t stumble on any vital efficiency distinction.

The OnePlus 9 Reliable additionally embodies what we’ve come to quiz and take care of roughly the firm’s telephones — total dependability. It’s no longer merely the slick, easy-to-use device, but additionally the gorgeous styling, shining dimension, speedily charging, and maxed-out specs that fabricate the phone an extremely real engage, and one who will last you for years.

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The ultimate Android phone for $800: Samsung Galaxy S21

Andrew Martonik/Digital Traits

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: It has practically all the pieces that makes the Galaxy S series so dazzling — ideal conceal, noteworthy digicam, and slick device

Who it’s for: Somebody who wants a pretty compact phone with plenty of energy

Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy S21:

Let’s receive a pair of issues out the manner first. If you hold a Galaxy S20 then Galaxy S21 won’t be a huge upgrade, and if you’re anticipating its digicam to study the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll be disappointed. If it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance love a phone with a glass physique and days of battery lifestyles, it won’t provide you both of those.

Why is it on our list? It’s serene Samsung at its handiest, the S21 differ are all noteworthy smartphones, and the $800 price is first price mad about the final high quality receive, device, and hardware. The 6.2-dash Dynamic AMOLED conceal looks ideal, the Snapdragon 888 processor (or Exynos 2100 if you reside in the U.K.) is terribly speedily, the phone has 5G, and the Android 11-primarily based completely mostly OneUi 3 device is speedily, easy-to-use, and appealing.

The three cameras on the support procure lawful shots — gleaming, corpulent of distinction and detail, and no longer as over-saturated as some Samsung cameras from the past. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to in finding extra special zoom efficiency, it’s possible you’ll want the Galaxy S21 Ultra, because the S21 makes elevate out with a 3x optical zoom. What else? Samsung has improved the fingerprint sensor on the S21 over the S20, and it’s far extra lawful and reliable, and the battery has enough energy to last a corpulent day, but no longer great extra.

There’s all the pieces it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance like from a new, high-efficiency smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S21, merely don’t quiz to receive too mad over it, as a result of plastic rear panel and modest improvements over the Galaxy S20. This apart, the Galaxy S21 is ideal price for money, and most importantly, won’t see or feel outdated for a total lot of years.

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The ultimate Android phone for $600: OnePlus 8T

Andy Boxall/Digital Traits

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: A wonderful-compulsory price reduction device the OnePlus 8T is now noteworthy price

Who it’s for: Those that want a quantity of the facets that fabricate extra pricey telephones dazzling, but at a more cost effective price

Why we picked the OnePlus 8T:

At inaugurate, the OnePlus 8T became once too pricey at $749, due to a pair very solid opponents at the same price or less, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the Google Pixel 5. Nonetheless, it’s far now accessible for $600 which is significantly better price, allowing us to heartily counsel the phone.

The 6.55-dash AMOLED conceal has a 120Hz refresh price, there’s a Snapdragon 865 (no, it’s no longer slightly primarily the most latest flagship chip, but it’s serene speedily enough) for energy, very speedily charging, and OnePlus’ ideal OxygenOS device over Android 11. Viewed love this, it has the same general enchantment because the OnePlus 9, merely for less money.

The Warp Tag 65T charging is such as the OnePlus 9 Reliable, but slightly than the 30-minutes-to-corpulent charging plug on that phone, it takes the battery in the OnePlus 8T to corpulent in about 40 minutes on the 8T, which is serene very rapid. A 48-megapixel leads the digicam specs, joined by a 16MP huge-perspective and a 5MP macro digicam, plus a monochrome digicam too. The OnePlus 8T’s digicam is versatile and fun.

If you price the basics in a phone — noteworthy conceal, speedily charging, hundreds energy, and simple-to-use device, the OnePlus 8T will no longer disappoint. It wasn’t a noteworthy purchase at $749, but it’s a extremely lawful one at $600.

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The ultimate Android phone for $500: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Andy Boxall/Digital Traits

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: It has your entire facets and talents most folks want, internal an advanced and sturdy case.

Who it’s for: Somebody who wants a noteworthy Samsung phone, but without the S21 Ultra’s high price.

Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G:

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G can’t match the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s spec sheet or nice potential, but for lower than half the value you’ll be taken aback at the amount it if truth be told can elevate out, and that makes it a important good deal.

It pulls off a extremely artful trick: It does practically all the pieces it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance like, looks lawful whereas doing it, and the value doesn’t even come shut to being four figures. The plastic case has a ideal texture and our white evaluate phone looks ideal with its molded digicam module, whereas the 6.5-dash AMOLED conceal is gleaming, vibrant, and stuffed with detail, plus it has a dazzling 120Hz refresh price for soft scrolling.

There are 5 cameras on the support of the phone, and the pictures it takes are very lawful — plenty of pop, and a solid HDR elevate out in inform that they’re shareable without too great enhancing. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G for energy, has Android 11 installed, and 5G connectivity, so it’s up-to-date, speedily, and prepared for the long flee too. Presumably handiest of all is the two-day battery lifestyles, despite the incontrovertible reality that you just use time playing video games.

That’s earlier than you receive to the water resistance, microSD card slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack. The Galaxy A52 5G if truth be told does have all the pieces it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance like, and the $500 price is terribly cheap mad about. It’s extremely urged.

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The ultimate Android phone for $400: Google Pixel 4a

Andy Boxall/Digital Traits

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: A ideal digicam and ideal device all wrapped up in a low-price package.

Who it’s for: Somebody who wants a noteworthy all-around mobile skills without spending great.

Why we picked the Google Pixel 4a:

The Google Pixel 4a fortunately suits into our $400 category because it costs $349, plus there’s a brand new Pixel 4a 5G model that provides 5G and an upgraded digicam at $499, making the Pixel 4a household primarily the most handy telephones it’s possible you’ll per chance receive for each these costs. Whereas the fabricate and provides are no-nonsense, the digicam and device are the rest but.

Google’s Pixel cameras are already successfully identified for being solid performers and the Pixel 4a just isn’t any longer any exception, but it’s no longer till you use it that you just heed merely how succesful it if truth be told is. Night or day it takes amazing shots, despite the incontrovertible reality that it handiest has a single digicam lens, and it’s all all of the manner down to Google’s device prowess.

This potential extends out from the digicam and into the Android device usually. The Pixel 4a and forthcoming Pixel 4a 5G use Android 11 — which none other of the telephones on this list have purchased yet — and may serene receive speedily updates to new variations for the next two years. The Pixel 4a’s device is neat, uncomplicated, fairly, and simple to use.

The ultimate staunch disappointment is the conceal, but it’s removed from awful, and its modest dimension helps enhance the battery lifestyles to around two days with reasonable use. For the value, the Google Pixel 4a is an nice phone.

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The ultimate Android phone for $200: Motorola Moto G Vitality (2021)

Why it’s possible you’ll per chance serene engage this: It’s a solid chance if you don’t have great money to use on a brand new phone.

Who it’s for: The budget-unsleeping purchaser who serene wants lawful device and long battery lifestyles.

Why we picked the Moto G Vitality:

If you use $200 on a brand new smartphone, you’ll continually must fabricate concessions, and it’ll never be as technically competent as a phone that costs extra. If the Pixel 4a is out of reach, we counsel having a stare at the 2021 model of the Motorola Moto G Vitality (2021). Tag apart, there are some lawful reasons to purchase this phone, most significantly the noteworthy 5,000mAh battery for two days of use earlier than recharging.

The conceal is enormous too, at 6.6-inches, and the device does without any anxious “facets” or too great muddle, for a satisfying on a long-established foundation skills. For $200 it’s possible you’ll receive the center-broken mannequin with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Pay $50 extra and this goes up to 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor is lawful enough to play most video games as successfully.

What are you lacking out on? The conceal’s 720p determination is a disappointment and there’s no NFC for Google Pay, and the digicam doesn’t procure noteworthy shots both. All this may occasionally per chance be solved by looking to in finding the $350 Pixel 4a. Nonetheless, if the budget doesn’t allow for it, then the Moto G Vitality (2021) will serene elevate out your entire long-established phone-linked projects with ease.

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