For Rising Tide Africa, more African girls could well perhaps also fair quiet accomplish varied funding portfolios


Left-Yemi Keri, Co-founder Rising Tide Africa. Honest: Ivana Osagie, Founding/board member.

Rising Tide Africa needs more girls to be bolder at funding tables, to dream bigger and place a query to for additional money to attain bigger things. As instructed to me by Co- founder, Yemi Keri and Founding member, Ivana Osagie.

When Ivana Osagie first started investing in startups, it modified into as soon as now not fully to assemble money for herself however out of a shared ardour to aid puny agencies gain ground. 

This intended that her funding efforts had been with out any data of how things could well perhaps also fair quiet work. So she did things with out a appropriate framework, like weighing and diversifying her risks to boot to evaluating her opportunities. 

 Sooner than she could well perhaps come to phrases with this defect, the entrepreneur she invested with had disappeared along with her money and she misplaced all the pieces. 

Whereas sulking over her loss, she stumbled upon angel investing and realised that it modified into as soon as what she mandatory to accomplish her portfolio. Angels flock together for a motive,” Osagie tells me on our Google call.  “By investing alongside others, you derive to diversify your risks to a pair extent, bringing certain skills to the desk. In case you combine that with the skills of other of us, then you definately maintain a fuller checklist of a startup.”

This day, Ivana is a founding member of Rising Tide Africa, an funding network that contains a  community of female angel merchants harnessing their vitality, ardour and capital to positively affect and actively accomplish a brand contemporary Africa. 

Ivana Osagie: Founding member, Rising Tide Africa.

What precisely does Rising Tide Africa attain?

Funded by non-public merchants most effective, Rising Tide Africa modified into as soon as based in 2016 by Co-founders Yemi Keri and Ndidi Nnoli- Edozien as a trans-border girls-oriented funding network that engages in instructing girls to modified into angel merchants. They attain this thru activities similar to mentoring, networking and eventually, offering opportunities for women to accomplish a varied portfolio of investments.

Rising Tide believes that this is in a position to perhaps perhaps also fair result in obvious alternate by investing in the continent’s thrilling startups and subsequent generation to accomplish a brand contemporary Africa.

Osagie mentioned that rather than investing money, to boot they are all in favour of other routines that serve the boost of the startups of their portfolio.

With every investing process comes other packages that fetch mentoring and networking. She is of the scheme that investing isn’t staunch about capitalism. “When entrepreneurs come on board, we catch that over and over they’re now not funding-ready. So we ought to work with them to derive them funding-ready.”

This process contains mentoring by industry experts and sharing a network of contacts. 

This network of female merchants has a mentoring team that works with founders to accomplish business models, accomplish business plans and derive a appropriate maintain on the corporations. “It is miles inclined to be about serving to them personally, as an illustration, learning how one can talk, how one can face in entrance of merchants and persuade them of the viability of the solution,” she tells me.

Powerful focus on girls empowerment

Despite the incontrovertible truth that the VC agency invests in female lead and gender diverse teams predominantly, there could be a clarification for this.

Within the final decade, Africa has seen a huge explosion in the business sector, especially for tech-enabled startups. Early-stage corporations and SMEs now exist in an thrilling skills economic system that is snappy sprouting different opportunities for business owners on the continent. However in all of these, there could be quiet a restricted opportunity pipeline for women.

In terms of access to finance, amongst other things, reviews quiet show that girls aren’t taking share as worthy. 

Globally, girls’s access to finance is disproportionately low. In 2017, consistent with this document, 65% of ladies had a financial memoir when put next with 72% of guys. Hasty forward to 2021, now not worthy has modified. In trying to pick out what could well perhaps quiet be the motive at the help of this, consistent with a World Monetary institution document, the gap between men and girls in constructing economies stays unchanged since 2011, at 9 percentage parts.

Totally 37% of ladies maintain a bank memoir in Sub-Saharan Africa as of 2017, when put next with 48% of guys with bank accounts. 

The African Style Monetary institution published that there’s a $42 billion gender gap in access to finance. In Nigeria, as an illustration, an estimated 50% of the inhabitants lives in vulgar poverty and financial exclusion for women is most effective 36%. In bridging this gap, more organisations and startups are leaning in opposition to gender balance of their operations. 

That’s now not surely a stunning glance, is it?

These reasons and more formed the muse of Rising Tide Africa.

“We wished in converse to paint a completely different panorama. We wished girls to come to the desk, to be bolder, to dream bigger desires, and to place a query to for additional money to attain bigger things because we know that girls maintain the skill to attain so. We would staunch want a little bit of pork up. So as that’s why we residence about building an angel network that contains girls in converse that we can beginning up dwelling for more girls,”  Ivana says. 

She believes that by giving girls agency, “we’re actually building a bigger and stronger community and guaranteeing better outcomes for each person; men, girls and young of us inclusive.  

Investment opportunity pipeline for startups

Besides investing solely in female-led corporations, Rising Tide looks out for all forms of tech-enabled startups. Co-founder Yemi Keri says leveraging skills will maintain the startups flexible and scalable to boot to present them a sustainable mannequin. “There are plenty of revenue models for startups that leverage skills.” 

Yemi says Rising Tide repeatedly looks forward to exits in converse to paddle funds into other agencies that come on board. Finally, their blueprint is to accomplish a an avenue for more African girls to accomplish varied funding portfolios.