Boutique PC Builders vs OEM Pre-Constructed Gaming PCs


With the shortage of graphics playing cards, which could presumably be for the time being selling at several instances their MSRP, even avid gamers who know the actual technique to originate their very maintain computers are having a survey for diversified ways to earn capable gaming machines.

We recently when in contrast a listing of urged originate specs to what you would rating pre-built from the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo and other gigantic OEMs. Our conclusion used to be that constructing your maintain PC silent is nice with a mid-differ graphics card, but pre-built systems are worthy more cheap within the excessive stop. Let’s yell, once you’re hunting for an RTX 3070 or above, pre-builts undoubtedly bask in something going for them correct now.

Granted, hunting for a pre-built PC from an OEM has its drawbacks, including upgradability and no longer shimmering precisely what’s internal of the machine. The resolution to that appears to be like apparent: boutique PC builders like CyberPowerPC, Origin PC, iBuyPower, and diverse others who assemble systems out of famed retail parts that can be without considerations upgraded.

Now, boutique shops most incessantly originate reach at a top rate that bigger producers are ready to offset. If all you eliminate to bask in is basically the most cheaper PC that can speed up to date games adequately, you would also silent assemble a $500 rig your self and add a GeForce GTX 1660 Pudgy, or simply rating a veteran pre-built.

One other challenge with boutiques is shipping instances, which could presumably be for the time being measured in weeks, and once you eliminate to bask in considered one of essentially the most sought-after graphics playing cards they’ll be even longer. So, does patience repay when hunting for a gaming PC?

Among the shops we checked out for putting collectively this text were: Origin PC, Maingear, iBuyPower, Falcon Northwest, Puget Programs, Digital Storm, AVADirect, XoticPC, CyberPowerPC, Xidax and even NZXT’s BLD.

While all of them gave the impression of educated suggestions, we picked the three shops that provided essentially the most attention-grabbing combination of piece probability, fee and shipping instances on the time of writing. Reckoning on once you would also be studying this text, every of those shops could presumably offer essentially the most attention-grabbing deal for you, but our honest used to be to examine boutique builders in standard to other plan of getting a gaming PC.

DIY fee gaming originate vs. boutique builders

The first desk below compares our DIY Price Gaming Rig, which is a first rate fee in comparison with pre-builts even with fresh graphics card costs, to essentially the most attention-grabbing-fee choices we are able to also earn at iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC and XoticPC.

Note of recommendation: alongside their computers, boutique builders offer many peripherals and accessories. Must you eliminate to bask in some of those, make certain you check whether you would also earn them for less in different places.

Element DIY Gaming Price iBuyPower CyberPowerPC XoticPC
Processor Ryzen 5

Ryzen 5

Ryzen 5

Ryzen 5

CPU Cooler Wraith Spire Asetek 550LC A71C Air
Motherboard B550 Tomahawk B550 Tomahawk B550 Gaming Edge WiFi B550 Bazooka
Memory 2 x 16GB DDR4-3600 CL18 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 Vengeance Pro
Storage 1TB Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1TB SN750 1TB SN750 1TB 970 Evo Plus
Graphics 1660 Pudgy RTX 2060 RTX 2060 RTX 3060
PSU SuperNova GA 650 Thermaltake 600W Gold Thermaltake 600W Gold 600W 80 Plus
Case 400D Airflow Versa 27 400D Airflow 400D Airflow
Mark $1545 (fresh)

$1,125 (MSRP)
$1,656 $1,699 $1,854


Shopping a PC from iBuyPower appears easy: you preserve a configurator and earn a default gadget that you just would customize as you wish. It’s crucial to buy the configurator whose default gadget is the closest to what you would also be having a survey for, though, because the default gadget is discounted in a plan that doesn’t apply to the adjustments you plan. We assemble no longer point out the utilization of the issue’s Easy Builder, as this could occasionally perhaps presumably easiest put you a diminutive want of suggestions, and no longer repeatedly essentially the most attention-grabbing ones.

After we selected the third-gen Ryzen R5 configurator, the default (and cheapest seemingly) CPU used to be the 4th-gen R5 5600X, which is technically better than the R5 3600X in our DIY gadget, though you acquired’t examine the adaptation in most gaming eventualities with the hot gadget. Asetek’s 550LC 120mm liquid CPU cooler used to be considered one of essentially the most cheaper suggestions, but could presumably silent be ample for that surroundings pleasant processor.

MSI’s B550 Tomahawk is the motherboard we would point out for various folk in this label differ. We selected a 2 x 8GB memory package with a 3200MHz speed from a “licensed foremost stamp.” Picking a particular stamp would add $30 or $45 to the fee, a 3600MHz package is $60 more dear, and going with a 32GB package would plan bigger the fee by $150 – referring to the label of a 32GB package.

Western Digital’s WD_Black SN750 is considered one of essentially the most attention-grabbing PCIe 3.0 SSDs. Every PCIe 4.0 SSD on offer used to be worthy more dear, and no other PCIe 3.0 one used to be less costly. iBuyPower does offer the GTX 1660 Pudgy from our DIY gadget, however the stronger RTX 2060 used to be simply $52 more, so we couldn’t ignore that. We opted to pay $12 for shimmering where the 600W, 80 Plus Gold PSU came from (Thermaltake).

Thermaltake moreover makes the case that we selected – the Versa 27. Amazingly, it used to be considered one of essentially the most cheaper instances provided.

With fresh graphics card costs, this methodology is about $100 more dear than our DIY gadget. The fee contains Windows 10, so once you ought to grab a license anyway, you would bask in in ideas that a tie. In fresh games, iBuyPower’s gadget will mark better, as a minimal when nothing heavy is working within the background. It moreover comes with a 3-year fashioned guarantee.

Conceivable additions encompass top rate case followers and thermal pastes, RGB strips, sound-damping foam, every form of inner playing cards, “authentic” cable wiring (does that mean that by default, their cable wiring is now not any longer authentic?), an developed packaging gadget and (satirically, for an identical label) twelve months of ground-shipping return protection.

With the hot configuration, the gadget is anticipated to ship internal 4 weeks.


CyberPowerPC presumably provides more suggestions than any builder that we checked, which is why it’s miles so tense that once you are attempting so that you just should add your preferred gadget to your cart without enabling cookies first, your cart will remain empty and you should presumably want to commence over.

The EZPC characteristic is better than iBuyPower’s Easy Builder because it skill that you just can customize your rig as you wish. We silent assemble no longer point out the utilization of it, because it affords too many suggestions, loads of which could presumably be no longer extensive, with shockingly diminutive SSDs or old and inadequate processors.

The employ of the Ryzen 5 configurator, the default CPU is the R5 3600. That CPU could presumably mark identically to the R5 3600X from our DIY originate with the actual cooler, so that is the CPU that we selected because the R5 5600X used to be $154 more. Cooler Master’s A71C, essentially the most cheaper cooler provided, could presumably silent be ample for getting essentially the most out of the R5 3600, but once you eliminate to want to plan certain, better coolers aren’t worthy more dear. MSI’s B550 Tomahawk wasn’t on offer, however the MSI B550 Gaming Edge WiFi has customarily all the pieces that the Tomahawk has, plus Wi-Fi.

As CyberPowerPC’s memory pricing protection is an a lot like iBuyPower’s, we once more selected 2 x 8GB of RAM from a “foremost stamp.” For the sake of comparison we selected a 3200MHz speed, despite the fact that in this case going the total plan down to 3000MHz would set us $30. Our SSD of want is but once more the WD_SN750.

CyberPowerPC would now not bask in any GTX card, but it has the RTX 2060. Must you eliminate to bask in the sooner RTX 3060 as a substitute that can perhaps presumably add 4 weeks of lead time, however the gadget will really be $10 cheaper, no longer to point to that the lead time would mechanically qualify the acquisition for a 5% instantaneous rebate once you enter the “NORUSH” code all over checkout. At iBuyPower, the RTX 3060 would plan the gadget $82 more dear, besides to to the same lead time plan bigger.

On this case, we had so that you just should add $21 for shimmering that our 600W, 80 Plus Gold PSU comes from Thermaltake. CyberPowerPC would now not bask in the Versa 27 case, but it has the Cooler Master 400D Airflow from our DIY gadget.

The fee contains Windows 10 and entirely 1 year of guarantee, but 3 years of carrier and lifelong technical strengthen. CyberPowerPC provides customarily the total additions that iBuyPower does, plus laser engravings.

CyberPowerPC provides a an identical hunting for expertise to iBuyPower’s, but in this particular case it generally falls immediate, as this methodology is more dear despite having a slower CPU and a shorter fashioned guarantee. It would develop into moderately cheaper than iBuyPower’s after rebate once you enter the “NORUSH” code all over checkout, but that can perhaps presumably lengthen the shipping in a few week.

Must you follow the RTX 2060 and don’t employ the “NORUSH” code, the gadget will ship in between 4 and 5 weeks.


XoticPC’s hunting for task is diversified from those of the opposite two shops. First you ought to buy one out of 4 vaguely defined sequence, then a case, and then a platform. Within the Developed sequence, we chanced on the 400D Airflow case.

We selected the R5 3600, despite the fact that the sooner 5600X used to be simply $70 more dear. The air cooler wasn’t named, but with the processor’s 65W TDP we didn’t deem it could well perhaps presumably topic too worthy. MSI’s Bazooka used to be essentially the most attention-grabbing B550 motherboard accessible. Or no longer it’s no longer as real as those within the opposite systems by plan of thermal efficiency, but it silent has 4 memory slots and two M.2 storage slots.

In XoticPC, every RAM probability over 8GB is from a particular stamp, so we selected Corsair’s Vengeance RGB Pro 2 x 8GB package at 3,200MHz, because it’s simply $20 more dear than the 2,666MHz 16GB kits (and not utilizing a RGB).

XoticPC didn’t bask in the WD_BLACK SN750, but it had Samsung’s 970 Evo Plus, which is completely as real and really more dear within the aftermarket, for simply $20 more than the DRAM-less 980.

The principle reason that now we bask in in ideas this methodology a first rate fee probability is that you just would also earn a GeForce RTX 3060 and not utilizing a additional wait time, and for simply $150 more than the vanilla GTX 1660. We would want so that you just should add as a minimal $69 for a particular strength offer, so we selected to follow the “600W 80 Plus” probability.

The fee contains an RGB package, braided cables with 9 x 9 color suggestions, Windows 10, custom foam packaging, lifetime technical strengthen and 5 years of piece-replacement guarantee.

The estimated shipping time is between 10 and 20 enterprise days. Must you desire your computer within the next month and gaming efficiency is your top precedence, this methodology is an exact probability.

Excessive-stop pre-built vs boutique builders

Subsequent we’ll compare choices from the same 3 boutique PC shops to the MSI Aegis ZS sequence as we configured it to compare our excessive-stop PC originate recommendation. The MSI appears to be like to present essentially the most attention-grabbing combination of upgradability and price within the excessive-stop pre-built market, so how does the boutique originate in comparison?

Element MSI iBuyPower CyberPowerPC XoticPC
Processor Ryzen 7

Ryzen 9

Ryzen 9

Ryzen 5

CPU Cooler Dragon 120mm Castle 240X Castle 240X Air
Motherboard B550 B550 Tomahawk B550 Gaming Edge WiFi B550 Bazooka
Memory 2 x 8GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 Vengeance Pro
Storage 1TB SATA 1TB SN750 1TB SN750 1TB 970 Evo Plus
Graphics RTX 3080 RTX 3070 RTX 3070 RTX 3080
PSU 650W Gold 650W Gold 800W Gold

760W Ion+ Platinum

Case ATX Versa 27 400D Airflow 400D Airflow
Mark $2,500 $2,293 $2,404

($2,284 after rebate)


Stepping up to the R7 5800X processor from the R5 5600X makes the gadget $138 more dear (when the utilization of the “Ryzen” configurator), and requires you to buy a 240mm liquid cooler. At that point it makes more sense so that you just should add but every other $90 for the R9 5900X, which performs equally in up to date games but up to 50% better in other initiatives, including stay streaming and recorded video editing. Our 240mm cooler of want is DeepCool’s Castle 240EX.

We selected the RTX 3070 graphics card over the RTX 3080 since the adaptation in label is $463, and we assemble no longer like the combination of paying more and ready longer for an identical gaming efficiency because the Aegis ZS. The RTX 3060 is but every other $281 less, but that’s no longer a excessive-stop GPU.

Since MSI would now not point to the emblem of its 650W, 80 Plus Gold strength offer, we assemble no longer genuinely feel obligated to pay more for a particular stamp. The configurator does plan certain that we buy as a minimal 650W with the RTX 3070, though.

All in all, that is a solid substitute to the Aegis ZS at about $200 less. It has a slower GPU but a worthy sooner CPU (with a a lot bigger cooler), a retail motherboard, better SSD and case, and 3 years of guarantee in comparison with MSI’s twelve months. With the RTX 3070, the gadget will ship in about 8 weeks.


At CyberPowerPC, the R9 5900X is once more a a lot bigger fee than the R7 5800X at $100 additional the utilization of the “Ryzen 9X” configurator. We selected the Castle 240EX cooler once more, despite the fact that the configurator didn’t declare us to reinforce the cooler.

At $500 less, the RTX 3070 used to be an apparent want over the RTX 3080. For but every other $135 less, the RTX 3060 Ti is an exact substitute. Despite the fact that CyberPowerPC would let us earn by with 600W, we needed to as a minimal match the opposite systems’ 650W. Basically the most cheaper plan to originate that used to be to step up to an 800W, 80 Plus Gold unit from no particular stamp.

With its 5% instantaneous rebates for systems with the RTX 3070, CyberPowerPC fits the iBuyPower pricing, despite including a more dear motherboard and a a lot bigger PSU (presumably). Your want could presumably reach the total plan down to your case preference (including laser engravings), and to how worthy iBuyPower’s longer fashioned guarantee plan to you.

The shipping time for this methodology is between 8 and 9 weeks.


With XoticPC we but once more selected to set on the CPU and fling with the R5 5600X and an air cooler. An R7 5800X would plan the gadget $240 more dear (including a necessary 240mm liquid cooler), and an R9 5900X would add but every other $120 to that.

By the point you would also be studying this, you would also already be ready to earn an RTX 3080 and not utilizing a additional wait time. As a substitute, the RTX 3070 is $330 cheaper, and already in stock on the time of writing.

The RTX 3080 requires as a minimal a 750W strength offer with XoticPC’s configurator. We selected Fractal Fabricate’s 760W, 80 Plus Platinum-rated Ion+ model for simply $10 more than an unnamed Gigabyte 750W, 80 Plus Gold model.

In comparison with MSI’s pre-built, this methodology will label more and mark equally in reasonable gaming eventualities, but has a retail motherboard, better parts (SSD, strength offer and case), top rate appears and a protracted guarantee. Assuming that the graphics card that you just preserve is in stock, the gadget will ship in between 10 and 20 enterprise days.

A 3-plan summary

Are you able to silent earn first rate fee for your money with a brand unusual gaming PC?

Yes, but no longer with $600 like you would also within the hot past. If your budget is anyplace end to that, more than doubtless you would also silent strive to earn a console (please, assemble no longer shoot the messenger!).

For $1,200 you’re going to stumble on several first rate suggestions in both the pre-built and DIY markets. The fee point around $1,700 has extensive DIY and boutique-retailer suggestions. For roughly $2,500 you would also earn a top-performing PC, either pre-built or from a boutique builder.